Comedian John Oliver Interviews Edward Snowden About Your Dick Pics

SM Gibson
April 6, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) It would appear that the vast majority of Americans are still not concerned with the Patriot Act, NSA Spying, or the US government’s infringement of their 4th Amendment rights. Not only are they apathetic over the issue, the average American citizen is apparently clueless to the topic despite the efforts of Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers. In fact, it would appear — at least according to a recent report by John Oliver on his popular television program on HBO — Americans still don’t fully comprehend who Edward Snowden is or what he actually did.

The one thing that Oliver’s report does seemingly establish is that no matter how flagrant government intrusions creep into the privacy of innocents, the layman only cares when they realize that their nude photos are being apprehended by Uncle Sam’s prying eye of perversion.

In the segment, the host of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver talks with random pedestrians in Times Square about Snowden and how they feel about governmental overreach. After a string of man-on-the-street style interviews, it becomes obvious how clueless and disinterested most people are about the current state of their freedoms. Oliver then laments how he wished he could speak with Snowden directly.

The British born comedian then announces to his audience that he traveled to Moscow to interview the most famous whistleblower in the world.

After showing up over an hour late for the sit down, Snowden is questioned by Oliver in terms that even the most indifferent of Americans can understand; does the government collect ‘dick pics’ and how does all of the technical jargon relate to the government collecting our most intimate of snapshots?

Despite the ridiculous and comedic nature of the questioning, Oliver makes a brilliant point by focusing on the ‘dick pic’. He is demonstrating to a dumbed down crowd how what the NSA is doing genuinely affects all Americans.

Watch the entire segment and interview below:

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