Kellyann Conway Eaten Alive by Trolls After Turning Herself into a Meme

(ANTIMEDIA Op-Ed) In what some are calling a deft PR move intended to distract from this week’s episode of Russaigate, Kellyann Conway sparked a social media frenzy after she appeared on Fox News with two pieces of white paper. Though the text on the pages attempted to dismiss this week’s flurry of claims the Trump campaign did, in fact, collude with Russia to elect the president, they were easily photoshopped.

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Just as the internet ran with Trump’s decision to hold up pieces of paper upon signing an executive order earlier this year, social media users quickly altered the images to mock the senior adviser to the president.

Here’s the original:

And here’s what happened when the trolls feasted on it:

Some poked fun at her infamous statements about “alternative facts”:

Some mocked her job altogether:

Others were just silly:

Others went the pop culture route, citing well-known films:

Predictably, many of the photoshops focused on Russia:

Unfortunately, while some of the memes were funny, many simply revealed Americans’ hopeless attachment to the two-party system despite decades of evidence proving that  regardless of whether or Republican or a Democrat is in power, special interests and violence consistently hack the political process — far more than Russia could ever hope to. Many of the memes simply championed Hillary Clinton and championed typical liberal dogma:

In short, the Trump administration is a corrupt sh*tshow, the “resistance” to that corrupt sh*tshow amounts to support for other corrupt sh*tshows, and the empire is crumbling — but at least we have memes.

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