LAPD Delays Autopsy Results Again for Mentally Ill Man Shot by Cops Execution Style

Alissa Kokkins
December 23, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) In mid-November Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti demanded that LAPD release Ezell Ford’s autopsy results before January 1, 2015. Well, the dog has eaten the homework of the Los Angeles Police Department, as they yet again appear to be delaying releasing Ezell Ford’s autopsy results which had been slated to be released before Christmas. LAPD’s reasoning?  

Now in order for LAPD to fulfill Garcetti’s request, LAPD will likely release Ford’s autopsy results between December 26 – December 31… during Kwanzaa.

So we will find out the details and findings related to the death of an unarmed Black man during the middle of a Black holiday. Nice. I do not believe that if Ezell Ford was Jewish they would release his autopsy during Chanukah. No respect. None whatsoever. – Jasmyne Cannick

Los Angeles Police Officers Sharlton Wampler, Serial No. 36135, and Antonio Villegas, Serial No. 38218, both assigned to the Newton Area Gang Enforcement Detail from LAPD’s Newton Division, fatally shot and killed unarmed and mentally ill, Ezell Ford, on August 11, 2014. Eyewitnesses at the scene claim Ford was shot in the back while lying on the ground, execution style, with his hands up. LAPD has since put Ezell’s autopsy results on a “safety hold” withholding crucial evidence related to Ezell’s death from the Ford family and public for the past 134 days. Ezell Ford was killed two days after Michael Brown and is believed to be the 531st person killed by law enforcement officers in LA since 2000. The delay of Ford’s autopsy results only seem to spell one thing for LAPD:
After all, who would put off good news that would relinquish suspicions that Ford had been executed and quell the anti-police terror actions for Ezell Ford that have been popping up around Los Angeles? Certainly, not those who could easily wash the blood off of their hands. Considering how speedily police departments release any dirt they have on potential suspects (or victims depending on who you ask), it spells nothing short of corruption when the department practices the opposite behavior when a suspect is one of their own. Let alone accused of murder by the community they swore to serve.

If that is not enough, Ford is not alone. Omar Abrego’s autopsy results are also still on “security hold.” Omar Abrego was beaten to death outside his home by two Sergeants from the Newton Division: Robert Calderon and Jeff Mares. The aftermath of which was caught on video.


The four officers involved in killing Ford and Abrego have neither been charged with their deaths nor removed from the police force. Should Ford’s report show that he was executed, the behavior of LAPD begs the question: When LAPD works collectively to hide and delay evidence related to crimes committed by one of their own, who exactly does the department protect and serve?

Not us.

Check out this invite for response actions in Los Angeles following the release of Ezell Ford’s autopsy results.

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