Bitcoin Helps Launch Empowering School for Women in Afghanistan

Lavonne Mireles-Clardy
July 13, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Afghanistan — Pioneering the future of humanity using Bitcoin-enabled, peer-to-peer transactions is becoming the norm.

This radical idea of literally decentralizing transactions is popular, in part, because people can essentially remove all middlemen to practice trade and commerce while supporting an unconventional ideal. This capability is now catching on in Afghanistan.

Fereshteh Forough is a founding member of the Women’s Annex Foundation. Her immense passion is to share her education in technology to empower young women Afghanistan by improving their technical literacy.

She is hoping to address the fact that there is a staggering issue regarding women’s empowerment, resulting in lack of education in Afghanistan.

Forough is an advocate of using Bitcoin and is the first to formally promote its use in Afghanistan. 85% of women in the country have no formal education and are illiterate according to, the site detailing Forough’s dreams of helping women through the use of coding and bitcoin.

She goes on to say, “We are going to empower girls online without being worried of physical and geographical distances. They come online, they work online and they get paid online.”

Code to Inspire is a non-profit committed to helping women obtain a free education in the evolving world of internet communications. These young women are introduced to technology, taught code so that they may seek freelance work, and often go on to compete in a world full of increasing technological innovations. Social skills and practical hands-on training is also provided so that they may be appropriately applied in an economy saturated with men.

With a goal to raise $20,000, Code to Inspire is hoping to create a safe and secure place where girls can evolve through learning. Code to Inspire aims to teach each woman the importance of becoming an effective leader while increasing their self esteem and confidence.

Every single girl in our lab will also have an opportunity to access education and digital literacy and they will become ambassadors of peace, freedom, creativity and innovation. That is what Code to Inspire is about,” Forough said.

Love and support is welcomed on Twitter @codetoinspire.

To support Code to Inspire on you can donate to the cause on Indiegogo.

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