Dallas Officer Says 3 Cops Exposed to Ebola Are Feeling Sick

October 9, 2014   |   ANTIMEDIA

Aaron Nelson
October 9, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) I’m speechless. This interview was done by CNN and the man speaking in it is the President of the Fraternal Order of Law Enforcement for Dallas.

He just said the cops were not wearing any kind of protective gear when they entered Duncan’s infected apartment, because they were told it was safe to enter. To make matters worse, he actually received a phone call ten minutes before going on CNN from “2 more” who were exposed and yeah, you guessed it… They are all feeling sick. Image credit: wikimedia.org

In other Ebola developments, another nurse has been isolated under suspicion of being infected with the Ebola virus, this time in Australia. Connecticut declared Ebola a ‘state of emergency, giving the state health commissioner quarantine power. Last night, 200 airline cabin cleaners went on strike over Ebola exposure fears at a New York City airport. There are now 6 suspected cases  of Ebola in Spain.
Just getting word now that the Ebola test results for one of these cops came back negative. Hopefully the deputy will be tested continually, at least until 3 weeks have passed from when his exposure to Ebola occurred. Another breaking story is that firefighters in Alabama dressed in hazardous material protective gear, opened a command post at the Shuttlesworth-International Airport earlier today. Why? Because a passenger on-board a flight that arrived there showed symptoms of an Ebola infection. All passengers and crew were told to remain on the plane. (Updated: They’ve been released.)

If you want to learn more about the Ebola virus, please read this article on the subject.

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  1. Except they can spread it to other people who don't deserve it. Actually they could end up killing a good portion of the world population by having ebola. That's how epidemics work.

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  2. John your a fuckin douche…I hope you and your family get it and all suffer

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  3. Ths is pitiful how y'all r talkn to each other we should b coming together at a time like ths and all u ppl still doing is hating God is love ppl we need to b on our hands and knees praying for forgiveness and keep praying

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    Retards hiding in every corner of social media sites never fail to entertain me.

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  7. And it's:
    "John, YOU'RE a fuckin douche." You are legit retarded… are you sure YOU'RE not a cop? lmfao

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    "I wish I never married you! I'm telling Mom!!!"

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  10. See that, asshat? That's the proper use of the word "your." Take notes, hayseed… You'll be quizzed over this later.

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  11. Briar Joerg **YOU'RE** It's: "I hope YOU'RE next, faggot"
    Retards like you hiding in every corner of social media sites never fail to entertain me. Thanks, Corky… I needed a good laugh this morning.

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  12. So what you are saying is that ebola is a result of god's judgement on us? Cool… I wasn't quite sure who to blame for all of this suffering.

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  13. As a 'Hazmat/FEMA crew member, Im required to obey the doctors & researchers that I work with. The doctors & head lab-techs say 'its airborne' & thats good enough for me. Anyone else is free to believe what they 'choose, but they are going to do that much anyway. I will just stick to protocol's & what our head lab-techs & team doctors tell me…

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