Man Bikes Over 20 Miles Against Monsanto

October 14, 2013 in Activism

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Baran Hines

I wasn’t going to protest originally because there was no organized event in Huntsville, AL for March Against Monsanto but that morning I crudely engineered a way to bike across town with a hastily made sign.

I doubted the effectiveness of it at first but many cars slowed down to thank me as they drove past, maybe 100 cars positively acknowledged the sign in some form. I also lost count of the blank stares and funny reactions of people processing the full meaning of the GMO problem. I logged about 21 miles total, it’s better than nothing I guess…

Ironically, there is one parking lot with 2 anti-GMO businesses in it, an Earth Fare and a Chipotle. The managers of both were relatively pleased to see the sign.

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