Marijuana Dispensary Suing Mayor After Cops Raid Shop and Eat Edibles

June 25, 2015   |   Don Shay

Don Shay
June 25, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) A raid on a California medical marijuana dispensary at the end of May revealed questionable police practices by the officers involved. Now, Sky High Holistic is suing Santa Ana mayor Miguel Pulido, claiming he ordered police to shut down the dispensary because they did not pay a $25,000 bribe that would guarantee their place in a lottery system for a license.

According to NBC LA,

Santa Ana mayor Miguel Pulido was named in the suit along with city employee Yvette Aguilar and the city itself. It alleges the city solicited $25,000 payments and gifts from marijuana dispensaries which would guarantee businesses would be granted a license in a lottery system. It also claims police were used to shut down operations that did not pay up.”

It’s deplorable that city officials and people seeking financial gain would use the police to accomplish their self-serving goals,” said attorney Matthew Pappas, who is representing the raided shop.

Last week, the nonprofit group Voice for OC released video footage of cops raiding Sky High Holistic on May 27th. Authorities alleged the dispensary lacked the proper permit to operate. The video footage depicts armed officers with ski masks barging into the sales room with their guns drawn. Those inside were all ordered to the ground. Officers kicked everyone out and attempted to break all of the visible cameras. Unbeknownst to them, there were also hidden cameras that caught the aftermath. The footage showed the cops nonchalantly consuming the edible marijuana treats. One cop was heard laughing and making a comment referring to one of the disabled customers in the shop. “Did you punch that one-legged old bonita?” asks ones.  A female cop responds, “I was about to kick her in her f—ing knob”. The police claimed they were conducting an investigation.

The officers knew they were going to act questionably, evident in that they attempted to tear down visible cameras. This behavior is very similar to what armed thugs do. How long will cannabis vendors that pose no harm be targeted by law enforcement? Santa Ana is a city that runs rampant with gang violence and hard drug abuse, so why is the mayor is targeting pot shops? When will the police actually focus their attention on critical issues instead of on harassing non-violent pot smokers?

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Author: Don Shay

Don Shay joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in April of 2015. His topics of interest include history and Middle Eastern politics. Born in La Habra, California, he currently resides in Brea, California.

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  1. AIl you have all the proper licenses in place.. hire armed guards trained to shoot ANYONE in masks … even if they have a badge… with a mask = criminal.

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  2. this is only one of the thousands of heinous crimes that cops commit even when videoed or witnessed. please check my facebook page for a list of crimes with video that bad cops committed without any real punishment. they are on the many many news sources that the internet provides. we need to get federal and state governments to admit openly that these thugs are doing horrible things to the public. we need to change hiring and testing standards and raise the bar on training. the supreme court even ruled that police don't need to know their jobs to arrest people. this is verifiable. MR PRESIDENT WE NEED YOU TO TAKE ON THIS MIND BOGGLING PROBLEM IN POBLIC.

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  4. What? You mean cops and local govs. act like gangs and the mafia? Nooooooooo it can't be possible.

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  5. i thought cops where supposed to stop mafia protection rackets

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  6. Best idea ever, although the crooked judges are already in place to look out for the armed thug police so it would never happen.

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  8. Pulido must have recruited street gangs for his police force. Sue way of getting all his nefarious acts done and making big big bucks for them all. Legal thuggery. Unfortunately, widespread within the political and legal systems worldwide.

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  9. So the mayor is basically a mafia don. Pay your fees and we'll keep you safe from the street gang (police).

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