McCain: “Everyone on the National Security Team Recommended Arming ISIS”

September 10, 2014   |   ANTIMEDIA

Aaron Nelson (TheAntiMedia)
September 10, 2014

John McCain recently appeared on the corporate news to discuss ISIS with Fox News host Greta Van Susteren. The words that came out of his mouth were so shocking, I had to hit play a dozen times for it to fully sink in. Watch the clip below:

Hillary Clinton has described already the meeting in the White House over 2 years ago, everyone on the National Security Team recommended arming ISIS.”

Uhhh… Freudian slip? Wait, does this mean there is little difference between the Syrian rebels and ISIS in John McCain’s mind?

If you were one of the millions of Americans warning against the arming of Syrian rebels last year, then yes, there is little difference between the two, and you probably already blame the U.S. for creating this mess.

Who are these men?

Are these the Syrian rebels (ISIS) McCain faulted Obama for not arming?

Did he mean to say Syrian rebels? Maybe he meant the Free Syrian Army? Either way, what McCain said next is where things got really weird. According to John McCain, what went wrong with the ‘plan to arm ISIS’  in Syria is that Obama turned it down.

So let’s assume McCain made an honest mistake and meant to say ‘Syrian rebels‘. Well, that statement would simply not be true. Obama is still funding, arming, and training the Syrian rebels. I mean come on now, what reality is John McCain living in? Is he really so detached, or is there more to this picture than meets the eye?

‘The President, by himself turned it down, just like by himself, he decided not to strike Syria after he said that they’d crossed the red line,” explained McCain.

Dick Cheney was also caught on Fox News accidentally admitting that “One of the things we have going for us now” is a 58% rise in Jihadist organizations.

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney was recently on Fox News and point blank admitted, “We helped build ISIS.” The audience of Fox certainly doesn’t give a damn if we helped build or arm ISIS, so it’s interesting this has been the corporate media outlet of choice to let this information out. The only thing that matters to their audience, thanks to their exposure to more than a decade of war propaganda, is seeing the entire region bombed for peace until everyone who looks like a terrorist is eliminated.

Two questions:

1) Would ISIS be the military power that it is today without the U.S invasion of Iraq, toppling of Saddam’s government, and arming of the Iraqi military with weapons now in possession of ISIS?

2) Would ISIS be the military power that it is today without the U.S. funding, training, and arming the Syrian rebels with weapons now in possession of ISIS?


President Obama and John McCain are both guilty of associating with and arming Al Qaeda. The awful U.S. foreign policy decisions over the last decade in Iraq, Libya, and Syria have led to the creation of ISIS. Sure, they don’t like to come right out and admit it… But, it’s true.

It’s always nice when one of these sociopaths accidentally comes right out and says what many of us already believe to be the truth. Sorry America. More than any other country, the United States is responsible for the creation of ISIS.

Mistake or not, have fun with this one. The truth is stranger than fiction and somehow McCain just stated the U.S. wanted to arm ISIS.

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  1. Think about it !!!

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  2. We always have to let the Saudis send out their little missionaries, it's in the secret annex to the agreement we signed for their oil. Since we are such a religious nation to start with, it's only natural that we would extend a spiritual courtesy to fellow religio-imperial minded expansionism.

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  3. This is a ridiculous abuse of editing. John McCain in that very interview was talking about defeating isis. He did in deed make a mistake but it was one anyone could make when stressed and under the lights and pressure of the media. If your going to post a clip under the precepts of "informing America" it would help your credibility to post the entire segment with all the facts, not just this foolish attempt at slamming everyone and helping no one.

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  4. This is another reason we (the United States) need to stay out of other countries and mind our own business. Stop funding other countries and use that money to help finance OUR infrastructure and OUR educational system. In other words take care of America FIRST, then help (if asked) other countries.

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  5. Dick Cheney, Insane John McCain, Tom McInerney ,Zbigniew Brzezinski and Kissinger should be all sent to a very abusive nursing home.
    To arm and to work with illegitimate governments, like in the case of Ukraine, is wrong. To arm rebels of any kind is wrong.You may loose control. To foment rebellions and overthrow elected governments just because they wanna have their own trading agreements, in their own currencies, is wrong.
    The sentiment here in Europe is: "why do we have to isolate Russia, our neighbor, full of gas, to save the dollar? "
    "Why do we have to harm our fragile industries that export to avid Russian consumers because once America decided to invent the petrodollars and ruined its own industries with cheap goods flown in to USA from all over the world, because every country in the world had to get dollars to buy oil?"
    Cheap goods have just destroyed the once creative american industry and produced nothing but stupid garage sales and church thrift shops.
    Besides, China has already approached Russia offering good deals as the Russians, pretty soon, will not be buying german cars, italian textiles, spanish fruits etc…reacting to the stupid sanctions that will just make the Russians more attached to China.
    Russians are everywhere in Europe, in our beaches, buying properties etc… Why do we have to try to control Ukraine as it is the gas corridor, and it has been very well managed by the Russians so far, throughout they send us their gas? To force the Russians to sell their gas in dollars? Not in Euros, our currency? So much more convenient to us?
    Now the USA has imposed us the approval that purchases of weapons would be added to our GDPs. So, every EU country will be buying lots of weapons to improve their GDPs in order to comply with EU requirements.
    For what? To fight ISIS made by Insane Mccain? To fight the Russians? We are sick and tired of wars. Our history has been full of wars. Now that we are finally get along and becoming more civilized… We need argentinian meet, californian wines, holidays in Hawaii and Florida, not weapons. We have plenty.
    USA and Great Britain are starting to look less like our allies against the "Boogie Man" Putin and more like an inconvenient friend that wanna fight with everybody and, at any moment, could turn against us if we do not behave like their vassals.
    Obama, do us a favor, stay on your side of that goddamn Atlantic Ocean.
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  7. Not surprised about the McCain comment. i mean he was photographed meeting with ISIS leadership last year.

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  8. McCain / Obama. Whats the difference? Not much!

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  9. Ken Cox like chainey/bush before them.

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  10. Well one thing is Cheney's words were misrepresented here if you listen to the context

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  11. I really don't understand why people in Germany and others countries are not standing up agains the nonsense E.U , USA alliance agains Russia .

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  12. Here's the problem with this article and everything you are claiming on your amateur opinion factory, you're misinformed.
    These clowns are on Fox news talking about Obama creating ISIS because Fox news has one goal and that is to make Obama look bad at every opportunity.

    Reality: ISIS was disavowed by AQ earlier this year. In Syria we had ISIS and AQAN (al-Nusra). We were arming and training AQAN not ISIS which is made from splintered ultra radicals from all over but primarily AQ. In a roundabout way we helped ISIS along but we didn't directly deal with anyone other than the ISIS rival AQAN (al-Nusra).

    If you want to talk about us funding al Qaida groups, go for it. If you want to say we support ISIS or ever did, you are misinformed.

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  13. It does not matter who is to blame… The fact of the matter is that Islam is showing it's true colour (Blood)… The manner of beheading that these radical use is inhumane.. It reveals the butchers that they are..They are depraved, having become like the wild beast, seared of any conscience In the name of their Demon God Allah.

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  14. Amen… has always been about the oil. Google George Bush..Father and Son…Ben Laden, oil. You will find some very interesting reading that does back many years involving the relationship between these two families.

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  15. Funny, the sentiment I have mostly run into is "why has Russia/putin been acting like an asshole for quite a while now? Oh wait, it's nothing new." Not to say that there isn't a lot of anti-america and big corp. sentimentality.

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  16. NUMBER 1.. we are in big time debt.. we need to quit giving out money to any foreign country period! We need to take care of America!

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  17. What you say is true, But unfortunately Globalism is the mode of the so called prevailing 'wisdom of this world'…..

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  18. Easy to pick on McCain, deflects from Obama.

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  19. Now we know who is behind Isis , what you can do ?Nothing Nothing this is the result of the presumed democracy

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  20. bro …not the islam …extremists do things against islam…they are not from islam ….islam is peace bro..islam doesnt guide to kill anybody…nobody ..

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  21. Considering they started this and fucked up the middle east yea they have every right to get involved and fix there mess. If they stayed out of Assad government in the first place this wouldnt have happened so your right on that front.

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