McDonald’s Considers ‘Organics’ After Worst Monthly Sales Growth in a Decade

October 23, 2014   |   wtfrly

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The team at McDonald’s is trying to lure in customers who seek out organic food choices as company metrics are declining partially due to more people choosing healthier alternatives. The company recently reported earnings which disappointed again. McDonald’s reported its September global retail sales dropped 3.8%, a ‘disaster’ according to Zero Hedge, and the worst since at least 2003.

Zero Hedge
The pain was everywhere, with Europe plunging 4.2% (est -0.9%), Asia down 7.5%, and the US down a whopping 4.1%, far below the 2.8% expected, and also the worst month in over a decade.

One option left to the company is to try to make the food better in some way, or at least advertise it so customer believe that it is made with better ingredients and fewer harmful additives. McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson used the organics among options for possible new product lines.

McDonald’s Corp. (MCD), which yesterday posted its fourth straight quarter of falling U.S. same-store sales, may look to sell more organic food to stem the loss of customers to chains known for better-quality fare.

“You’ll see us in some categories looking to different products, possibly organics,” Chief Executive Officer Don Thompson said on a conference call. “We actually are doing it in certain markets.”

The world’s largest restaurant chain already uses organic semi-skimmed milk in McCafe coffees, porridge and Happy Meals in some restaurants in the U.K., said Becca Hary, a company spokeswoman. Organic milk also is sold in Germany, while organic fruit juice is available in Germany and France, she said.



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  1. people are waking up so they can no longer get away with selling crap as food so easily. They will have to adjust and I hope they follow the Chipotle model.

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  2. I still wouldn't eat there

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  3. They'll just call a company name "certified organic" Then they'll say "everything is made from certified organic products" Just like the evil fuckers did with th "100% pure beef" company! They are a bunch of evil bastards and I will NEVER trust anything they will ever say!

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  4. Whats the chances it does'nt have anything to do with their shitty food and more to do with morally respon

    sible people boycotting Mickey D's because they won't pay a living working wage to their employees ??

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  5. Can you just get my order right without the attitude!?

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  6. There secret word there is BELIEVE. They need to turn around an kiss there asses good bye because its the lawsuite that did it. PINK SLIME bullshit meat thank you Jamie oliver for standing up to them….

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  7. I don't eat there because of the shitty food and neither does anyone I know. wages are bad across the country

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  8. Nobody wants to eat tht garbage anymore People aré finally waking up to there cancer food

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  9. DO YOU KNOW WHY I STOPPED BUYING FOOD AT MCDONALDS. First it's unhealthy and secondly I could go to Subway and get a foot long sandwhich MADE TO ORDER…. WITHOUT ALL THE ATTITUDE LONG WAITS AND……..UOCHARGES

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  10. Why so much hate? Why not say what you feel in a constructive way without stooping to their level? You may dislike them for a number of reasons, but why fuel them with your negativity? I love the freshness of home grown, however many cannot enjoy that luxury. I only ask that we as a people fight without the hate. Stop buying from this place, and they will stop being…

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  11. How do you fight without hate……what the hell are you talking about. If I'm to the point where I'm willing to fight something, Its because I hate it or them…I'm so tired of this type of language where you can take words like fight but say it has nothing to do with hate or bad feelings……If I want to say fuck Mcdonalds, because they fucking suck I will……..your whole point makes no sense and thats why these corporations get away with as much as they do, because of confused people like you…….Well I know what they are doing is wrong but I wont hate them or do anything about it because hate, violence, and bad language is wrong……who gives a shit about how you express yourself, some of us are more vocal than others and tend to use expletives when we speak to emphasis a point..You sound like such an ass when you start saying stuff like "come on guys I know they are killing us and our children, but don't hate them just fight them without hate". The word fight is a hateful word here is the definition in case you never really looked it up….1fight verb ˈfīt
    : to use weapons or physical force to try to hurt someone, to defeat an enemy, etc. : to struggle in battle or physical combat

    : to be involved in (a battle, struggle, etc.)

    : to argue in an angry way
    fought fight·ing

    Full Definition of FIGHT

    intransitive verb
    a : to contend in battle or physical combat; especially : to strive to overcome a person by blows or weapons
    b : to engage in boxing
    : to put forth a determined effort
    transitive verb
    a (1) : to contend against in or as if in battle or physical combat (2) : to box against in the ring
    b (1) : to attempt to prevent the success or effectiveness of <the company fought the takeover attempt> (2) : to oppose the passage or development of <fight a bill in Congress>
    a : wage, carry on <fight a battle>
    b : to take part in (as a boxing match)
    : to struggle to endure or surmount <fight a cold>
    a : to gain by struggle <fights his way through>
    b : to resolve by struggle <fought out their differences in court>
    a : to manage (a ship) in a battle or storm
    b : to cause to struggle or contend
    c : to manage in an unnecessarily rough or awkward manner

    But you suggest we fight without hate

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  12. Miles Coleman Wow you are a hateful person. You can fight, and defend yourself without letting hate control you. I do not need a vocabulary lesson. I know what hate means, and have experienced more than my fair share throughout life. When you allow your emotions to control you in the way you seem to be doing, then "they" have won. I don't like these companies either, but I do not allow them to control me in such a negative way. I fight them by not supporting them. I don't buy from them, or endorse them in anyway. In what way do you think your hatred will serve anyone in a positive way. People like you are one of the main reasons so many of the worst things in life don't ever seem to get better, because while you are walking around with blinding hatred, these things that you "hate" so much are growing stronger, and doing whatever they want. I could go on, but knowing people like you as I do, I know it would be a waste of time.

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  13. FYI, know where in all your definitions, is there any mention of "hate"

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  14. Seriously you guys don't have editors or something? Re-read all of this and point out the typo's to me, do it with me now so you can learn from your mistakes. Or just hire me on the cheap… Not actually sure how many there are I stopped at "so customer believe"

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