Media Blackout: How Baltimore Cops Turned a Peaceful Student Protest Into a Riot

PM Beers
April 28, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Baltimore, MD — I’ve seen it too many times with my own eyes; peaceful protests where cops show up in riot gear and start agitating the crowd. First they arrest one or two people for no reason, then the crowd gets even more agitated. Based on experience I can predict that the uprising in Baltimore will not stop until the police back off.

According to Baltimore police, there is credible evidence that gangs have united to fight against police. The more likely scenario is that gangs have united to protest the police — which was confirmed by an interview released last night. When gangs stop fighting one another, cops get scared because police depend on gang fighting to justify their very existence. In response, Baltimore police put out warnings to shut down many parts of the city and brought out riot cops to agitate stranded high school students.

Reports from the ground indicate that it was police tactics that triggered a peaceful high school protest to turn into a full-scale riot. I’ve curated some first-hand accounts to show how the scenario played out in Baltimore yesterday:


This is how Baltimore Police respond to high school kids practicing their first amendment rights:

An arrest agitates the crowd:


Does this look like gang activity?

an arrest:

This sounds like a dispersal order but I’m not sure if it is:

Cops ready to riot:

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