Meet the Latest Cancer Patient who was Cured with the Help of Cannabis Oil

Jonathan Schoenfeld | The Anti-Media

Fifty four year old Trevor Smith was told by doctors that without immediate surgery to remove his prostate, urinary bladder, and lymph nodes, he would have no more than two years of life left. Image credit: Flickr/DonGoofy

Despite doctors warning of delayed treatment, Trevor, husband and father of three, needed time to evaluate his life options. After doing some online research, he decided to begin eating healthier, consuming Essiac tea, and ingesting cannabis oil similar to the kind found in Rick Simpsons “Run From The Cure”. Having never ingested any recreational drugs before, Trevor and his family became shocked at the powerful sedative effects it displayed. Mrs. Smith was cited as saying:

“Neither of us had ever used any recreational drugs, so we weren’t aware of the effects it had. At first, it made him very sleepy and non-responsive – both conversationally and physically. He would sleep for up to 12 hours at night. It was one of the hardest things we have ever gone through.”