Morgan Freeman on Baltimore Coverage: “F*ck the (Mainstream) Media”

April 30, 2015   |   admintam

Anti-Media Staff
April 30, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Morgan Freeman, the famed actor who most people would want to narrate their lives, had some surprising commentary regarding the cable news media’s coverage of the Baltimore uprising.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Freeman said, “Look at MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN. Go between those three. There’s a take, there’s a take, and there’s a take. It’s just commentary. CNN wants to be pure news, but the others are just commentary. They’re just commenting on things.

Essentially, he stated that the so called TV news is not news at all, rather just opinionated commentary.

On the corporate media’s coverage of Freddie Gray protests, Mediaite notes that Freeman made the argument that Baltimore has been suffering for a long time. It took setting something on fire for the media to finally notice. “People are saying, ‘You were not all there when we were just talking and trying to make a point, but if we set something on fire, all of a sudden you’re all here.”

But Freeman sees the light at the end of the alternative media tunnel. He continued to say, “Why is that? What’s the difference? And some young reporters are listening. That sort of observation is very useful.”

He continued, “The other thing is that technology lets us see behind the scenes a little bit better[…]Police have a standard reaction to shooting somebody. I fear for my life and I fear for my safety. Now, at least you can see, ‘Hey, his hands were up in the air! What part of your safety were you afraid of? The guy was running away, what part of your safety was in danger?’ There was one situation I saw where a cop told a guy to get out of the car, said, ‘Show me your driver’s license,’ and the guy reached back into the car and the cop shot him!”

Morgan Freeman seems to be pretty well versed both in the police accountability movement, advances in technology that have enabled citizen journalism, and the value of independent reporting.

He brilliantly closed out his interview with The Daily Beast with two simple yet profound statements that we here at Anti-Media greatly appreciate: “Anyway, off the media,” he says, waving his hands in the air. “Fuck the media!

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  1. though I agree with morgan freeman, and I have always seen him as one my favorite actors and role models..i am curious I am sure he is worth 10's of millions if not 100's of much has he given back to the community..all these mega millionairs in our society need to perhaps think about investing mass majorities of their wealth back into the community..

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  2. i saw that same video morgan freeman saw where the guy stopped at a gas station and when he exited his suv the cop said show me your license. when he reached to get it from inside his car the cop open fired on him.

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  3. it's easy to google the charities he has contributed to … and no amount of his money can change police brutality and murder … only our government can do that

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  4. The world needs more.people like him…he carries himself with a dignity u can feel. Always had alot of respect for him.

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  5. Try visiting his Birthplace, Clarksdale, Ms. where I visit many times, and see what he and his White Mississippi business partner have collaborated together on in Clarksdale. They have revitalized all of the downtown, have constructed some apartments and condos, have restored the old 40's Chitterling Circuit Club, the "Ground Zero Blues Club", which is a great tourist attraction, and great Blues, drawing tourists from Canada and as far away as England.

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  6. Government isn't going to fix anything they never have police are funded by government so therefore the problem is government and the media and the corporations the federal reserve our ties with UN and other nations etc all work together and this is what u get when u allow the government to handle everything

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  7. It is not just MSNBC or Fox News or CNN – It is ALL media, news or not.
    Now, go look into who owns all of these media groups.

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  8. Elizabeth Faraone No. WE have to do that. WE MUST or it will continue because the government a) has proved to be pretty ineffective at doing much of anything as of late, and b) is no longer "ours" at this point, unless you are part of the plutocracy already. Money is partly what is contributing to the cops being entirely out of hand as it is. BRAVE PEOPLE willing to stand TOGETHER and not let them get away with that anymore is the thing that has the power to change police brutality and murder. It is up to US to say something when we see it and stop it even it means we risk putting ourselves in the line of fire to do it. Sometimes it takes just one person to stand up because everyone else is waiting for some leader to follow rather than go against the herd of doing nothing. We take our cues from each other, and as such we need to be willing to do more than put the responsibility on some other other, even it is "our government" and supposedly representing us. We must represent ourselves in this case, because the government is too far removed from the injustice as it happens, and is directly tied to the police that perpetrate it. Citizens oversight need not start with an appointed office of officials. It happens when the citizens decided that the badge is not an elevation of rights or power, but rather a designation of someone who was hired to do a job and we always manage to find plenty of people to complain about anyone doing a job poorly under almost all other circumstances, and that with some righteous indignation about it, especially if it affects our quality of service as bystanders or consumers or whatever. If it is happening to someone else, it is only a matter of time before that kind of injustice comes to your own if we let it happen and just watch.

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  9. perhaps another thought provoking and controversial question..I would love to see a poll done within all of these protest nationwide as to how many of these people vote in both federal and local elections. and why has not a single person questioned the influence of some rap music that condones educations as being a tool of the "man" to control them. I have teens so I know this is happeningc. for my children complain daily about the disruptions in class and harassment for appearing to be smart

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  10. perhaps another thought provoking and controversial question..I would love to see a poll done within all of these protest nationwide as to how many of these people vote in both federal and local elections. and why has not a single person questioned the influence of some rap music that condones educations as being a tool of the "man" to control them. I have teens so I know this is happeningc. for my children complain daily about the disruptions in class and harassment for appearing to be smart

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  11. It takes someone like him to say something openly for the world to open their eyes. Respect!

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  12. I have always loved MF, ever since the days of "HEY YOU GUYS!!!" on the electric company. People listen to him, we need more like him.

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  13. That standard spiel police use to justify, well, pretty much anything is setting a very dangerous precedent — and it's dangerous to police as well.

    Police don't have the right to defend their lives because they are police, they have that right because under US law EVERYONE has that right. By law, you must have a reasonable belief you are in danger, take appropriate action and use force proportionate to the threat. The standards for what is justified force are the same for private citizens as they are for police.

    So with the police radically altering the definitions of reasonable, proportionate and appropriate, it's altering those definitions for everyone. When the legal system rubber stamps almost everything police do, it sets a precedent in the law.

    If an unarmed person running away from police with his hands in the air is such a deadly threat that the officer can fire dozens or hundreds of shots at him, then that's true for everyone in the country. Including someone who reasonably feels threatened by an overly-aggressive cop. If it's self-defense for one person, it's self-defense for every person.

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  14. Why are some people always looking for a hand out or worried about what others do. Whatever he has or has not done, he doesn't have to let me and anybody else know if he did or didn't, and that goes for any celebrity, just do your part.

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  15. He's completely right. Everybody is telling the protesters to stop, but that's just so they can go back to ignoring them again. People don't give a shit until something is damaged or someone is injured, and then they pay attention. Until then, they don't give a fuck about your protest sign.

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  16. And his solution to the problem is……crickets….. He seems to be advocating for more riots and then (hopefully) civil war. Fuck morgan freeman.

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  17. Look, we can sit around blaming each other, this person, that person in authority, orrrr, we can all grow up, educate ourselves and act according to that self education and knowing better. People are lacking because they allow others and things to distract them and dictate what right and wrong is, instead of knowing better. Violence is never right. Arguing is never right. Life is right, life is truth, and we are all alive, and we all want/need things, but noone is more deserving than any other person. Money, skews this relationship, because someone can invest more time/effort into obtaining it, or amass an army to do it for them. So who is fair, who is right, and who/what interest are they protecting. Money is a joke, and it's expense is your time, knowledge and self responsibility. They devalue the dollar, and substance by manipulating the dollar, and thus manipulating you. When the real gold, is Knowledge, wisdom, Love, patience. You can have everything taken from you except what you know, the truth, of you, and the reality. Either you see it or you don't, depends how far back to step to see the big picture. But we are all guilty of causing or adding to the suffering of the world, the murder of our children and the disease stricken. No amount of policing can save you from yourselves. Peace is the only thing that lets this insane ride called life, have any joy, or meaning. Life is not about Working hard, or working for others, it is about, working for the JOY OF LIFE. Which is Freedom, and expression, and LOVE. You don't really want that car, you want to be able to Go from point A to point B, you don't really want the clothes, you want to feel comfortable, safe, secure, and not be looked at or judge in a negative way. Stuff does not translate to experience. And time does not directly translate to value or money, because some people work crap jobs, even though they are Geniuses. Your governments suppresses true creatives, because they would Skew the monetary system soo dramatically that it would expose the Broken concept and relinquish their power as authorities.The only true authority in this world After God, is YOU. You are the truth, you are the witness. And if you are the authority in this place, the most precious thing you can do with it, is to educate yourself, your children, and others, in the way of love and compassion. The devil takes shortcuts and you know who pays the tab or does all the work the devil skips out on. God and those who follow God on the path of Love/compassion. Is it easier to Steal a car, Riot and steal, or is it easier to work and create those things, as God created all things. The devil only seeks to fulfill the Desire, or experience, by consuming that which outside. But once you have used a thing and no longer use it, you should give it back to the world. Instead of hoarding stuff….. Which does nothing but cause stress. Love is the harder road, because Love is work. However when you realize Love is synonymous with Work, the work is not as hard anymore, it is a joy/pleasure, and you can actually work towards simplyfying the things in life. Consider this, the germans around wwII created automobiles and toasters that had some 400+ year life spans. They were Artists in their work, perfecting quality/efficiency/labor etc, and yet, the world governments convened under the the guise/direction of the UN to accept an agreement of "Planned Obsolescence." Make things cheaper quality/material and labor, so what once lasted 400 years, now lasts 2-3 tops… They are marketing Death, and disease. MJ is illegal, for no other reason than its twin cousin, Hemp opposed the cotton industry and control over slavery. Now we realize natural things have health benefits. And they want to legalize it for corporations who will do nothing but profit off of it at our expense, and inject the very thing that was good, with GREED, thereby negating the health aspects. They have know for a long time, the healing benefits/psychological benefits from Hallucinogens in general, except that when they tamper with them, try to take out the Hallucinogenic effect, that the Benefits dissappear with it. Same thing with genetic modifications. Would you do laser eye surgery if you knew for a fact, that you can do eye muscle exercises to restore vision of any kind? The best things in life are free…. So you can give them to the birds and the Bees. What about the placebo effect….. Works more than the drugs they test it against. I'm sorry, placebo works better than the drugs they are Testing, and the placebo is the control. In a world where money is supposed to separate the weak from the fit, in any system of power, there are always nooks where the system can be exploited, the only safeguard is…. Constant feedback from the system and that which supports the system. If we all collectively withdraw our feedback, watch, they will put more pressure on us to do their work, since the money isn't real anyway. It is human effort/belief that really matters. The level of technology that exists, Researched by Govt branches, and yet, paid for by the consumer, is staggering, and we have yet to even see this come to fruition because it would mean the death of Authority. In favor of Self regulation. This is also, the fringe of what all of us know as "self awareness." Or a computer, gaining sentience. People think they have self awareness, but this is not true, when you realize there are things WAY WAY WAY beyond your current comprehension. Society as a whole remains utterly distracted by the useless things in life. We as sheople have yet to conquer our most basic problems, even though ET contact and Govt research has provided countless ways to overcome any obstacle presented to mankind, not to mention your own biology can do anything the tech can. The authority paradigm must shift to, Do as I say, because, to, I love you, and I do this because it is for everyones benefit, not mine. How does free energy not benefit all mankind? Noone really wants to work, but we cannot escape that reality, everyone must work for their own survival, and believe it or not, its healthier for you and really is not all that hard. Consider depending on Govt guidance/regulation where they feed us poisons and tell us what we can and cannot do. Authority always has an agenda, put someone intelligent in office that does not want to be there, and they will do things not for themselves, but to get everyone else to stop bothering them. I am aware I do not spell entirely correctly, this is none of my concern. My concern is to remove power from Authority dieties and put it back into familys hands. since all problems stem from the very ROOTS of things, and the family unit is as basic as humanity gets. Fix family dynamics, fix societal dynamics, help families regulate their own problems and societies problems go away. Make families self sustainable, make society self sustainable. Governments and corporations are these fake entities masquerading as REAL things, but when it comes time to take responsibility, oh, well, we don't own the company even though we are the major stock holders and influence what the company does and does not do, yet we are not responsible for what happens. Uh…. Follow the money, follow the crimes. Too much money, == Crimes against humanity, too little money, == violence against others to survive.

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  18. HE'S RIGHT..!

    there were 10,000 strong peaceful protests in Baltimore they didn't even cover it they deliberately chose to focus on the rioters defining the situation….media manipulates news what they will and will not cover.

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  19. exactly…
    live by the sword; die by the sword

    live by coplogic; die by coplogic

    live by kindness; die by kindness…

    you can't piss into a pool and expect that it's only going to get on others and not to get on yourself.

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  20. I agree to a point with him, however Violence is not the answer to changing the world. I think the majority in this country looked at Baltimore with shame and disgust, not just at the death of a Criminal. But how the Society reacted and destroyed innocent business owners property and tax payers property. What I find alarming is that we are holding the officers responsible for his death. Yet do not hold the people whom committed crime in the false name of Justice, for crimes against humanity. You do not go out and take anger out on people whom had nothing to do with Freddy Grays death. However get caught on camera stealing food, TV, games systems and toilet paper. It was a riot of thugs and criminals whom did not give one care about Freddy Gray but used it to excuse themselves to steal, vandalize and commit bodily harm to another human being. There is no justification for that type of human display, if you act like that your ass belongs behind bars!!!

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  21. And if he said to any one of you that he feels you're a blabbering dipshit sitting at a keyboard giving opinionated commentary, would you still love his words?

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  22. "By law, you must have a reasonable belief you are in danger"

    KNOWINGLY entering into a situation, or profession that involves extreme potential for danger to your life, means you have ALREADY WILLINGLY DISREGARDED YOUR OWN SAFETY and LIFE by VOLUNTARILY, and WITH WILLFUL KNOWING CONSENT

    it DISPROVES the whole i feared for my life nonsense.

    You've already decided to RISK your life, in exchange for others, an ideal, or for MONEY, etc…

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  23. Nobody cares about the opinions of a thousand pissed off citizens, but one a-list actor says the same thing and suddenly everyone's listening. Good for Freeman but its still bullshit!

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  24. A civil war will only take place when a new form of government is worked out. At the moment people may be upset with the government officials but they are not upset with the form. Of government that they are living in.

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  25. Luke Etyrnal — you've hit on the only actual difference between a police officer and a private citizen in matters of self defense.

    A private citizen may have the right to stand his ground, but if he is the aggressor, he waives the right to self defense unless the person he aggressed against escalates the force level.

    A police officer is expected, even obligated, to advance into danger rather than merely standing his ground. Police are expected to go arrest criminals, not stand around waiting for criminals to wander past. This means that so long as a police officer obeys the law and follows department regulations, the officer can be the aggressor in the line of duty and still claim self defense — the key point being the line of duty. Illegal actions, false arrests and violating regulations can mean the officer waives the right to self defense just like an overly aggressive private citizen.

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