Noam Chomsky: Western Military Intervention Caused Paris Terror Attacks

Claire Bernish
December 15, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Munich, Germany — In November, AcTVism Munich had the amazing opportunity to interview Professor Noam Chomsky to get his reaction following the terror attacks in Paris.

Chomsky, as usual, offered keenly simple insight into what should be done by European politicians to fight the terrorist organization known as the Islamic State, saying, “It depends what they want to do — do they want to encourage further terrorism, or do they want to end that kind of terrorism? That’s the choice.”

After the attacks on November 13th left 130 people dead and hundreds injured, Chomsky’s no-nonsense insight should be heeded by politicians — not just in Europe, but by war hawks in the U.S., as well.

“If you want to end it, the first question you ask is, ‘why did it take place? What were the immediate causes, and what were the deeper roots?’”

He explained that though the causes might not be precisely known, the easiest answers come from ISIS, itself: “They say, ‘Look, if you bomb us, we’ll attack you.’ Well, that’s probably the reason. As far as we know, that’s the short term cause.”

For longer-term causes of such terror attacks, we should look to “the invasion of Iraq, the wahabbization of Sunni Islam, the brutality of the Assad regime, and so on. So, if you want to reduce the possibility of further attacks, you address these causes.”

Reducing these attacks would require going the opposite route of current policy that President Obama is advocating now. As Chomsky characterized it: “Let’s bomb them more. Let’s destroy ISIS by military force — which is probably impossible — but if it did happen, it’s probably likely that something worse would emerge from it, because the [root causes] are not addressed, and they are real.”

Watch the interview below:

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