Nobody Cares if the Media Calls Mike Brown a Thug… And here’s why

Justin King  | The Anti-Media

The media is out to paint Michael Brown as a thug and a criminal. That should come as no surprise to anybody who pays attention to the way these news cycles works. This is exactly what happened with Trayvon Martin. Now that it has been determined that the cops and not the bank robbers killed the hostage in Stockton, it is only a matter of time before the department attempts to smear that victim in some way. Thumbnail credit:

The police are trying to make it seem like he was killed because of the robbery. Of course, the Chief of Police already said

“The initial contact between the officer and Mr. Brown was not related to the robbery.”

But not to worry, the police have established a minute by minute timeline of the “robbery.” The robbery, by the way, was for a few packs of Swisher Sweets. I’ll send the store $20 to cover the cost of the cigars if the department will stop worrying about this, and instead try to figure out why one of their officers killed an unarmed teenager. I’d like to see the minute by minute timeline of the killing, not of a petty theft.

It shouldn’t take long to work up the timeline. It’s only three minutes long. At 12:01 Officer Darren Wilson made contact. By 12:04 a second officer arrives to find Brown already dead. So it took three minutes for Wilson to gun down an unarmed teenager for some reason that had nothing to do with the cigars.

Nobody cares if Brown was a thug, because even if he was a thug, he was an unarmed thug. To my knowledge he never killed an unarmed person, so he’s already a better man than Darren Wilson. The American people are sick and tired of cops killing unarmed people. There will be no whitewashing this.

A video could surface tomorrow of Brown sitting in a chair getting a gang tattoo while smoking a joint with one hand and holding a gun in the other hand, and nobody would care. Darren Wilson shot and killed an unarmed kid. Even if Brown peddled crack to high schoolers, he still better than Wilson. Yes, the so-called “thug” is better than the cop. Setting aside the severity of their respective offenses, at least Brown didn’t pretend to conduct his business in my name.

The profession of law enforcement has lost the respect of the nation. The list of transgression runs from coast to coast. There are a few small departments left out there that don’t constantly violate the rights of citizens, but their numbers are shrinking daily.

At this point the only thing you could show me that would make me believe this killing was somehow justified is a video of Brown and Wilson struggling for Wilson’s holstered firearm. After seeing the way Ferguson PD responded to the citizens and press after the shooting, I’d be rooting for Brown to get control of the weapon.

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