NYPD Was Sued Average Of 10 Times A Day In 2013, Inspiring ‘ClaimStat’ Online App To Track Claims

December 24, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) Data released by NYC’s Comptroller office is showing some disturbing trends in claims and payouts against the NYPD. According to the City of NY Office of the Comptroller Claims Report for FY 2012, the city paid $186.3 million in tort claims involving the NYPD in 2011, $152 million in 2012, $137 million in 2013 with an average of 10 lawsuits per day according to RT, with $674 million allotted for 2015 to cover costs of more suits, which averages out to about $80 per NYC resident.

To help rein in costs, City Comptroller, Scott M. Stringer, newly inaugurated in 2014, has shaken up the establishment a bit by launching a real-time claim mapping application called ClaimStat, an online app that provides some shocking transparency by using map location and detail data of claims filed against some of the most costly and worst offending departments under his financial control, NYPD being at the top of the list.

Stringer states ClaimStat can be used as an “early warning system” to help identify where police behavior is costing the city in lawsuits and settlements.

Stringer was quoted telling MSNBC:

“We do not need to accept the premise that claims and settlements have to go up year after year. We don’t have to accept that violent confrontations between police and the community are an inevitable part of policing.”

After all of the grand juries, trials, protests and complaints, seems they don’t start really paying attention until it hits them where it really hurts…the pocketbook.

In RT’s description for the video below, it states, “According to data released from the NYC’s Comptroller office, the NYPD was sued an average of ten times per day in 2013. What’s more, the claims cost the city about $137 million. The comptroller has set aside a whopping $674 million for 2015 to cover costs of more suits against the city.” In a story from 2012, RT also shares a staggering statistic, that between 2000 – 2010, NYC paid out almost $6 billion dollars in settlements. Those massive claims and unsustainable budget numbers inspired Stringer to use data intelligence to pinpoint problem areas which were costing the city precious resources.

Source: RT America

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According to the Comptroller’s ClaimStat website, it’s purpose is for “Protecting Citizens and Saving Taxpayer Dollars” and currently, ClaimStat is not only mapping ‘Personal Injury Police Action Claims’, but also ‘Tree-related Claims’, ‘Sanitation Vehicle Property Damage Claims’, ‘Sewer Overflow Claims’, ‘Correctional Facility Claims’, and ‘Pedestrian Personal Injury Claims’, with more departments to be added in the future.

Stringer told the NY Post:

“I want to break this trend using data, changing policies and reducing claims against the city.”

So it seems, for all the reports, videos and complaints, it ends up being a punch in the pocketbook and the bean counters paying attention that may make a difference.

ClaimStat mapping for ‘Personal Injury Police Action Claims’ – Click image below to explore


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