Obama admits US "brokered" power transition in Ukraine, will send 'defensive' weapons – VIDEO


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Just when it seemed the Ukraine civil proxy war couldn’t get any more hypocritical after last week’s shock video of English-speaking soldiers in the country, the media propaganda matrix produced another classic.

There is still the mass delusion, amplified by major media outlets, that one day, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to simply order his military to march next door and occupy the eastern half of Ukraine.

During a Sunday interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, US President Barack Obama explicitly admitted that the US government had “brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine”, while going on to blame, Putin for starting and escalating the crisis.

Obama told CNN’s Zakaria that the US government had been instrumental in helping the new “leaders” come to power after the violent protests which saw the democratically elected former Ukraine President Yanukovich forced from power.

An RT Op-Ed further described the openly admitted subversion.

RT.com Op-Edge
While Nuland’s colorful conversation one year ago told us everything we needed to know about Ukraine’s so-called democratic transition, it’s a completely different thing when the “deal” is admitted to by none other than the American president.

Washington power brokers, desensitized to the concept of brokering political “deals” due to their so-called democratic work in faraway war zones like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, think it normal operating procedure to employ the strategy inside of sovereign states that are experiencing internal discord.

The real tragedy of such a scenario is not so much that it is happening, but that the United States, and the Ukrainian people, it seems, believe that a foreign invasion of political opportunists on their territory constitutes democracy or will somehow lead to democracy. I’d wager to bet that Ukraine will very soon resemble Greece, where the people had firsthand experience with foreign-enforced austerity measures and, employing real democratic procedure as opposed to backroom brokered deals, introduced real democracy to elect politicians of the people, for the people and by the people.

The irony is that the news was well timed with fresh news reports that more lethal aid was being considered for Ukraine to “defend” against Russian invasion. CNN quoted a New York Times report on the matter, as they went on to pick out multiple quotes from the Obama interview, yet managed to leave out the statement about brokering the regime change in Kiev.

The United States is now considering sending lethal aid to help the Ukrainian government fend off attacks from pro-Russian rebels in the eastern part of Ukraine.

This assistance would come in the form of so-called “defensive lethal aid,” which could include anti-tank, anti-air and anti-mortar systems.

The New York Times first reported the possible change in policy, saying NATO commander Gen. Phil Breedlove is in support of the new lethal assistance, and that Secretary of State John Kerry, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey and National Security Adviser Susan Rice are all open to considering the idea.

A U.S. official now tells CNN that military leadership supports defensive lethal aid being part of the discussion, but the administration is still trying to assess what reaction it could elicit from the Russian government, which the U.S. maintains is backing rebels in eastern Ukraine.

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