Outrage as Pick-Up Artist That Promotes Rape Organises Meet-Ups for Bros Everywhere

Michaela Whitton
February 3, 2016

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(ANTIMEDIA) United Kingdom — Anti-feminist blogger Daryush Valizadeh — also known as Roosh V — has provoked global outrage by organising an international meetup day for like-minded men. On February 6, international meetups are planned in 43 countries, including the eight U.K. cities of Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Shrewsbury, and London.

The controversial ‘pick up artist’ made headlines in February 2015 after one of his blog posts advocated legalising rape in order to force women to take responsibility for their security and events “that are easily preventable.” In a post, entitled How to stop rape, he claimed some women allege they were assaulted the day after having sex just because they felt “awkward, sad, or guilty after a sexual encounter they didn’t fully remember.”

That article also said women should be made responsible for ensuring they were not raped, instead of teaching men not to rape.

More of his delightful titles include Bang: The Pickup Bible That Helps You Get More Lays and Bang Iceland — described as “A travel guide designed to help you sleep with Icelandic women in Iceland without paying for it.” A Change.org petition urging Amazon to pull Valizadeh’s books, describes them as “a thinly veiled guide to getting away with rape” and has gathered over 238,000 signatures.

Since the announcement, the blogger appears to be enjoying the extra attention on Twitter, while on the Roosh V chat forum, contributors with names such as International Playboy, Male Feminist, Innovative Casanova, and True Player plan meetups and sneer at the media furore.

One issued advice to participants:

“First of all, you all need to be careful, get the planning off the forum and on messenger and be careful with who you talk to, some diligence with new members is in order. Second, you need to host this in sympathetic neighborhoods and places. Don’t go to leftist/ethnic areas, because that’s these people’s strongholds. Go to financial districts or upper class areas instead.”

Meanwhile, Twitter erupted with disgust at the idea of someone who advocates for rape to be made legal if done on private property also planning a global meetup.

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