Pentagon: Full-Scale Ground Invasion the Only Way to Disarm North Korea

(ANTIWAR.COM— While US officials have repeatedly make clear that their goal with respect to North Korea is denuclearization, Pentagon officials are increasingly willing to admit that they view the “only way” to accomplish that as not just a war, but a full-scale US ground invasion of North Korea.

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Officials are a lot less willing to make public what the implications of such a protracted ground war would be, saying an accurate assessment of the losses in such a war would be difficult. It’s not a big secret, however.

At the very least, millions of people would die in this sort of war. The toll could be broad across the entire region, with millions presumed to die in South Korea alone, with Japan and Guam also likely to be targeted, and a “catastrophic” loss of US troops participating in the war.

A number of opponents on the war in Congress are pushing for more public assessments of the consequences of the conflict, saying they believe the American public should know what’s at stake going in. These lawmakers are also keen to make it clear that President Trump cannot unilaterally attack North Korea without Congressional authorization.

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  • Jerel Shaw

    I’m finding it harder and harder to witness how the seemingly inevitable evolvement into war appears unstoppable. There needs to be, at the minimal, a paradigm shift regarding the global aggressive posture of the imperium if the world is to be saved from total destruction. Unfortunately, also I am unable to see this happening – in my lifetime – not unless a multi-lateral base of power becomes functional enough to overtake the unilateral and destructive tendencies a single superpower; or, that same superpower can not seem to find leaders who can moderate a diplomacy that transcends warfare as being the primary (and only) option. It’s getting real bad.