ISIS Officially ‘Defeated’ but the US Will Stay in Syria

Russia questions what the US goal in Syria has become.

(ANTIWAR.COM) — US military intentions in Syria have never been exactly transparent, but are becoming ever less so, as Pentagon officials loudly declare ISIS to have been “defeated” in the country, but insist that they intend to remain.

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This is a potential major legal issue, because Syria never authorized the US invasion in the first place. US officials always presented the authorization as being UN resolutions supporting the fight against ISIS, but that would no longer apply.

Moreover, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has pointed out that Secretary of State Tillerson has repeatedly assured him that the “only” US goal in Syria is to fight ISIS. This is adding to Russian concerns about what the US is actually planning on doing next.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis is trying to present this as keeping “ISIS 2.0” from coming into existence. While this is also the pretext for staying in Iraq, there is a major difference between a permanent deployment in Iraq that the US-backed government there supports, and trying to stay in Syria forever despite explicit opposition from the Syrian government.

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  • boB Petersen

    We need to keep an eye on the PLO Embassy in DC and Qutar and Lebanon and…ouch, I don’t have enough eyes, I don’t know *President Trump is trying to start a war, I just feel it-which is exactly what Putin wants me to feel. In actuality most of the tangible activities driving us toward global conflict are instigated and promoted by Vlad. All these Fox viewers and apathetic Americans need to wake up before our democracy is completely gone and we are unable to stop the militarization of our government-this is how despotic empires are born, the acceptance of a ruling economic royalty has been built over thirty years and the evolution of a Saint Reagan into the Trump Crime Family was entirely predictable. There is no geographic coordinate for Daesh, they make the ideal foil for permanent war on the entire globe. They operate everywhere but Russia. No need to look there…

  • John Allen

    If most folks really knew that ISIS was a direct result of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the US trying to topple al-Assad in Syria. There were arms funneled directly to Al Quida and ISIS fighters to use against Assad. Like most US mis-adventures it went sideways and a lot of innocent people were killed. Sick. Why is the US still in Syria? That’s the question folks ought to be asking.