There’s an Epidemic of Police Becoming Pedophiles and Nobody’s Talking About it

February 18, 2015   |   Justin King

Justin King
February 18, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Washington, DC – The country is focused on the ever-growing pile of bodies supplied by cops that shoot unarmed people. Cops have killed US citizens at a rate of three per day since the New Year. It turns out the complete lack of accountability within police departments has created a totally different type of victim: molested children.

Aaron Woodford Barnes, a Lake Wales, FL cop was arrested for 4 counts of sexual activity with a minor and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The victim is 17. According to the victim, Barnes asked her to babysit his son when she was 16, gave her wine, and started the seven-month sexual “relationship.” The victim states the sex was consensual; however the Police Chief pointed out that a 16-year-old cannot consent to a 37-year-old. Barnes denies the sex, but admits there are inappropriate messages from her on his phone.

Just in the last seven days:

James Edwards of Miami-Dade was arrested a second time. This time it was for 12 counts of child pornography. Last August he was arrested for lewd and lascivious conduct. He is accused of luring two underage boys to his home under the pretense of having the boys do some landscaping. He then allegedly gave the boys marijuana and Molly (a designer drug) before masturbating in front of them.

Louis Mercado was sentenced to life in prison for sexually abusing a teenage boy. He met the boy while working as school resource officer.

Rodney Eddy was denied his plea deal when Judge Valerie Robison refused to accept the deal which would’ve allowed him to walk out of court a free man. Eddy comes from the illustrious Los Angeles Police Department. The assaults he is accused of began when the victim was 13.

Trever Blackwell pleaded guilty to second degree rape. The case revolved around his rape of a 15-year-old girl who was in the police explorers program in Wewoka, OK.

Jared Michael Tomlinson, a Marysville, CA cop, was found guilty of repeatedly raping a little boy.

Jonathan Diaz was arrested for a sex crime involving a 16-year-old. Diaz is with the Falfurrias Police Department. A second cop in the same department is under investigation.

Samuel Bryant is a 40-year-old cop with the Transportation Security Agency (the agency that fondles your child at the airport). He was arrested for sexually abusing a 14-year-girl. The TSA has plans to fire Bryant.

Donald Patterson, a Cowetta County Deputy, apparently committed suicide the day he was supposed to meet with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation cops about a child molestation accusation.

These aren’t even all the cases from the last week. To stay updated on the epidemic of sexual misconduct by cops, subscribe to the “Tribute to survivors of child sexual assault by law enforcement officers” Facebook page.

The number of arrests would cause some to say the system is working. Sadly, too many times, the offenders end up receiving plea deals from prosecutors who have worked with them in the past, or a judge throws out the case on an absurd technicality. In a case from Hawaii, a cop allegedly pulled over a teenage girl and began fondling her while he had possession of her license and registration. The “Honorable” Glenn Kim tossed out the charge handed down from the Grand Jury because “A traffic stop is not custody.” Of course, if you follow the news, you know that had the victim driven away, the officer could have simply opened fire on her and faced no penalty.

UPDATE:  For an extremely comprehensive list of cases, click here.

NOTE: All of the above people, unless convicted, are presumed innocent.

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Author: Justin King

Justin King joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in July of 2014. His topics of interest include activism, human rights, international relations, and military affairs. Born in Japan, he currently resides in the United States.

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  1. Police becoming pedophiles? More like.. departments hiring pedophiles.

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  2. Police aren't becoming pedophiles. Pedophiles are becoming police because of low hiring standards and flawed psychological testing(if any at all).

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  3. You have systematically had the standards lowered all over this country for all kinds of jobs, including police. When that happens is it any wonder that you get lower quality people taking those jobs?

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  4. You hit the nail on the head, sir. My cousin married a pedo who BECAME a cop. He raped my 6 year old and 18 month old baby cousins. He got probation until the Feds found out that he was selling pictures of him raping my cousins online along with other children of cops in his dept. He went to prison for 3 years and can still see the youngest girl. Textbook blue line advantage story.

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  5. Vescha Lahearse It's almost like there is a pedophile network that is running through the judicial system. Have you ever wondered what happens to all that pedophile evidence that police collect or have access to over the years? Do you ever wonder if they don't make copies or borrow it and return it and. Also what about eh DA's and Judges (not all judges or DA's). They could know and that maybe why they allow them these lenient sentences because they are part of the pedophilic network in the county or state or even cross state lines. Because the stuff they are getting away with would put a normal person away for 25 to life and have them registered as a sex offender.

    Also I'm sorry for what that man did to your family.

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  6. Joshua Cox Wesley Sowers is implying that you are trying to downplay the seriousness of f u c k i n g children because you probably f u c k children yourself. It is NOT OK

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  7. OH.

    Well, Wesley, as i said in the post before, teenagers are not children. Looks you missed the point AND made a false accusation all at the same time. Well done. Pat yourself on the back.

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  8. Fully-grown men and women should not be engaging in sexual activity with teenagers under 18 – there. Clear enough for ya? You may not agree, but that's fine, but I know protective fathers will take issue with any grown man wanting nookie from their daughter.

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  9. Back in the 1980s I learned the hard way that they protect pedophile rings, and silence survivors.
    It took me a while to figure out why.

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  10. I'm sorry you had to learn the hardway.

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  11. Rabid Llamas
    there are plenty of fathers who have moved passed that bullshit all over the world. look up age of consent on wikipedia. it's 16 in lots of countries.

    also, there's this thing called a "double standard" when teenagers can be charged as adults without ever having adult privileges in the first place.

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  12. I can find just as many cases in Fire Dept. Teachers , Nurses, Docters ..ahh this is nothing but a Cop bashing article . Shame ..I thought maybe this might have been a good source for Real un bias news . Not ..we hate the goverment & police . Wow Another poser ..go figure .

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  13. Michelle Gould oh really? how's that? is it like fishing? maybe i should go to a library and throw a paper airplane with crayola crayon flowers on it?

    oh i know, i could greet them by saying "Back in MY day, there were only 150 pokemon!" ….would that work?

    you're a dumbass.

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  14. Apparently the reptilian shape shifters are pedophiles by nature. They thrive on power and tend to be in positions of authority…… Just saying… Lol

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