Police Claim Cop Block, Peaceful Streets Project and Activists of America are an Imminent Threat

Cassius Methyl (TheAntiMedia)
September 15, 2014

Several documents were released recently by the Peaceful Streets Project detailing how the Austin Police Department, The Austin Police Association, and several figures of authority conspired against The Peaceful Streets project, Cop Block, Oath Keepers, and several other peaceful organizations in an attempt to slander American activists as a whole. Police tried to draw conclusions backed with zero evidence in an attempt to gain the power to incarcerate activists who have broken no laws. Thumbnail credit: freethoughtproject.com

PSP recently released emails obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed during Antonio Buehler’s lawsuit against APD, for his New Years Day arrest for filming the police.

Screenshots of the emails and other information received via FOIA request can be viewed below: (click to expand images)

Barry-Report-Email Berry-Report-2 Berry-Stockpiling-Weapons Online-Impersonation-Email-1 Online-Impersonation-Email-2 Online-Impersonation-Email-3 Vincent-Email-Notes-1-of-2 Vincent-Email-Notes-2-of-2 Wayne-Vincent-Email-to-Acevedo1

In addition, Justin Berry  wrote a confidential ‘brief synopsis’ for ‘law enforcement only’, slandering activists and attempting to set the grounds for incarceration of people for peacefully maintaining beliefs and promoting ideas.  Here is that synopsis; strangely and laughably, he misspelled the word ‘imminent’.

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“A nationwide movement has begun against the United States Government and all government officials including those at the local level and the police officers employed by these agencies. (Anonymous, 2o12). Locally, numerous activists have combined their programs to work together towards the same agenda, which seems similarly in line with that of the national revolution movement. This document is just a short prelude into a much greater presentation to inform law enforcement agencies and city officials of a suspected and planned “citizen action” (citizens’ arrest) movement on November 5th, 2012.”

For opposing corruption and invoking a peaceful ideological revolution, these groups were labeled as ‘encouraging revolution in the US’; Texans for Accountable Government, Cop Block, Cop Watch, Occupy Austin, Oath Keepers, Institute for Justice, and more.

Justin Berry is also the officer who arrested Antonio Buehler.

Did anyone take him seriously? Did any activists anywhere ever threaten the families of APD, let alone people associated with PSP and similar activist groups? Of course not, these police would have utilized that to the fullest to incarcerate someone if that were the case. Clearly PSP and the groups targeted by these police are not breaking any laws.

He is right about one thing; people around the US and the world are coming together for the mutual goal of changing our societies, to make them peaceful, voluntary, safe, corruption free.

What happened on November 5th, 2012? Not a massive citizens’ arrest movement. Did any activist anywhere even try to organize that?

In an interview with The Anti-Media, Peaceful Streets Project co-founder Harold Gray said:

Antonio and I formed the Peaceful Streets Project in order to protect our community from police abuse, corruption, and unjustified shootings. Holding police officers accountable through the use of video cameras is non-violent and is our right as Americans. Labeling our organization as domestic extremists is completely ridiculous and demonstrates the extent that they will lie, in order to stop us from exposing their crimes on film”.

Also in an interview with The Anti-Media, PSP co-founder Antonio Buehler said:

These documents show that the Austin Police have an absolute disregard for the rights of the people of Austin, an eagerness to destroy the lives of victims of police abuse with false charges, the temerity to broadcast their willingness to use violence against peaceful people, and a steadfast willingness to rally around cops who commit felony crimes.

The thing these people are coming together for is clearly not some sort of violent revolution ; this is the peaceful, gradual, natural shift of the paradigm towards one of mutual cooperation in society between people for simple prosperity and peace. This paradigm shift they are helping facilitate will not tolerate corruption.

When people in a society are not satisfied with the hierarchical structure that governs it, the people eventually have to change it. Most often, violent revolution is extremely ineffective, and dangerous.

With the potential for the death of every human on this planet possessed by the US Government in the form of nuclear weapons and other tools of mass destruction, who is the real danger here?

To speak collectively, these activists are trying to make the corrupt government completely irrelevant to our every day lives. They are trying to create alternatives and wake people up to the harsh reality of our present struggle with our  government, with the powers that be. They are trying to make police not kill innocent people, trying to save the lives of innocent people being murdered by drone strikes in the Middle East because of the US Government, and all of that is clear in the minds of those working towards this goal of peace and mutual cooperation with all others in society.

Apparently authorities need to have activists’ intentions spelled out for them as blatantly as this article just did in order to understand what we are about.

What these activists are doing is completely peaceful, and so much more effective than anything senseless, violent, or aggressive, that the police have to try to paint them as aggressive in order to stop them.

In the authorities’ attempt to stop Peaceful Streets Project and American activists as a whole, Wayne Vincent emailed Austin police chief Art Acevedo about coordinating efforts to stop PSP, and he encouraged reaching out to the County Attorney’s Office and the District Attorney, basically any bureaucratic authoritative figure possible, to see if there was a way to cease the activism.

These authorities are plotting; they are trying to find a way to stop activists with the excuse of the law, picking targets before finding that laws were broken, and they were not broken. That is a conspiracy.

An officer even went as ludicrously far as to claim that these activists were using the movie ‘V for Vendetta as a blueprint’.

There have been several additional plots to interfere with these activists’ peaceful efforts to hold police accountable; Antonio Buehler was targeted by APD numerous times, for such things as ‘impersonating a police officer’ for jokingly imitating a cop on a Facebook status, ‘delinquency of a minor’ for protesting with teenagers, ‘racketeering’ for giving out free cameras to hold police accountable, the list goes on.

One day, hopefully some of the officers traumatized by the immoral acts they have committed under the guise of the law, the people they have destroyed and lives they have ruined for incarcerating them for victimless crimes, will admit to understanding the immorality of what they did.

Hopefully one day these officers will join this ideological revolution and work towards peace with us, quit working for the government and retire. Many already have.

This ideological revolution lurks in the minds of human beings all over the earth; this revolution is not solely the work of groups like PSP obviously, but it is a natural, massive reaction to tyranny and several other factors we are experiencing in the world right now. Many, many people are on the same page and want peace without powerful centralized authority; this movement is far larger than one could gauge.

Please share this with absolutely as many people as possible, because this could be the very most effective way to protect activists from being slandered by the police and government.

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