Police Knew Schizophrenic Man Only Had Pellet Gun Before They Shot Him

Cassius Methyl (TheAntiMedia)
September 10, 2014


A few days ago, it was reported by The Anti-Media that a schizophrenic man from Laredo, Texas was shot at over 80 times by police ‘until he had no face’. Image: YouTube screen grab

Updates to the situation have filled the gap of info present when the story first came out, and now it has been revealed that a security guard in the area told police beforehand that Jose Walter Garza was simply holding a pellet gun, and the cops shot him dead anyway. An interview with a witness can be seen here-

It has also been revealed that like the video shows, Garza having ‘no face’ left due to the shooting may be an unfounded claim, originally made sadly by the victim’s grandmother, however he was indeed shot in the face.

It is also now being said that he was shot at 60+ times, with nearly all the officers wielding AR-15’s. Other people still say that it was indeed 80+ shots.

The duration of the shooting was about 7 seconds; the police shot at Garza 60+ times, handcuffed his bloody corpse, fist bumped each other victoriously on camera, and took pictures of the slain man as trophies.

Garza’s corpse was left on scene for 4 hours.

Here are your raw facts.

Please share this with as many people as possible, especially people who need to straighten out their perception of this incident, or people who have never heard of it at all.

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