Politicians Are Now Making Plans in Case the Public Turns Against Them Violently

(ANTIMEDIA) Washington, D.C. — As protests continue to break out all around the nation over President Donald Trump’s desire to scrap Obamacare, Politico reported Tuesday that many politicians are beginning to worry about their own personal safety — to the point where some are having private sessions to discuss the matter.

Citing sources who were in the room, Politico writes:

“House Republicans during a closed-door meeting Tuesday discussed how to protect themselves and their staffs from protesters storming town halls and offices in opposition to repealing Obamacare.”

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Some of the suggestions, the news outlet reports, include “having a physical exit strategy at town halls, or a backdoor at congressional offices to slip out of, in case demonstrations turn violent; having local police monitor town halls; replacing any glass office-door entrances with heavy doors and deadbolts; and setting up intercoms to ensure those entering congressional offices are there for appointments, not to cause chaos.”

While protests are popping up all over, the Republicans’ private session was no doubt prompted by events that happened over the weekend. While speaking before a raucous crowd in Roseville, California, Representative Tom McClintock had to be escorted from the stage and away from the event by local police officers.

McClintock, who held town hall meetings during the politically volatile days of both the Tea Party and Occupy movements, told The Hill he’s never seen anything like it:

“This was something very different. After an hour, the incident commander for the Roseville Police Department advised us the situation was deteriorating and felt it necessary to get me out of the venue. That’s never happened before.”

This sentiment appeared to be echoed at Tuesday’s closed-door session. Commenting on the meeting, Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker of North Carolina stated:

“The message was: One, be careful for security purposes. Watch your back. And two, be receptive. Honor the First Amendment, engage, be friendly, be nice. Because it is toxic out there right now. Even some of the guys who have been around here a lot longer than I have, have never seen it to this level.”

Sources told Politico that the potential for violence is serious enough, in fact, that the House sergeant-at-arms has asked congressional offices to report any threat. That office is also passing out manuals on best practices to keep staffers safe.

Ironically, the backlash over the possible repeal of Obamacare that Republicans are facing now is similar to the backlash faced by Democrats years back as they were trying to force Obamacare into law.

“It’s not that you run from protesters,” Representative David Reichert of Washington said during an interview after the meeting, “but if someone presents some sort of physical threat or are espousing a verbal threat that could lead to a physical threat, if you feel that you’re in danger and your staff is in danger, call 911 and leave and go out the back door.”

In other words…run. Call the cops and run.

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  • Matthew Chapdelaine

    At first, upon hearing the title of this article, I was filled with the righteous rage of a free american citizen. However, then I began to feel a spark of Empathy. A large portion of the protesters sweeping over the United States, when questioned, actually have no idea about what they are actually protesting about. I see a tsunami of ignorance fueled by media induced rage. There are many people that do get what is wrong with our beloved country, and have fully educated themselves on the subject, but even more people are simply out there for a reason to protest, a cause to fight for, in the realization of thier innate lack of Political Power. If the Electoral College makes the Popular Vote meaningless, and Trump does what he likes despite whatever the protesters may do, then the following is true objectively: The US President is appointed, not elected, and the people have no authority whatsoever in thier government. Protest and scream until you are blue in the face, but it will have no result. When you acknowledge these facts, you must solve the problem in the correct way. Leave your guns and pitchforks in the Industrial Age. This is the Information age. Fight with Information. You can only fight a system this large and dug-in with a competing system of a superior design, just like Uber had much success in challenging the might of the Taxi Industry. Instead of tromping out with signs in protest, you all should be organizing a competing government to break the political monopoly. Build Mobile Apps and Web Apps to undermine the current government. Provide something good to empower the common people of the US. Fight with Creative Systems design, and see your smartphone as a weapon that can topple whole nations and governments. Knowledge is power. Use it.

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  • Leo Roars

    Republicant’s sonout of touch…”it’s toxic out there”? REALLY, no You corrupt, greedy, tyrants, YOUR TOXIC, protesting isn’t toxic, it’s AMERICAN! It’s our Right and Duty as true Americans to Right tyranny both foreign and DOMESTIC! YOU ARE TOXIC! Maybe if you LISTENED for once and DID YIUR JOB, like your supposed to, You would know American History, the Constitution and SERVE THE PEOPLE! Since it’s Obvious you do not know, the Government is BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE! YOUR GONE 2018!