Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Says Saudis Helped Hide Bin Laden

Jim Carey
April 22, 2016

(TFC) This week, award winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh sat down to give an exclusive interview with Alternet to discuss his latest book The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden. The new book goes into further detail of the story Hersh published concerning the raid the killed Bin Laden but he also had several new claims that didn’t make it into the book including some disconcerting (yet not surprising) revelations about some US allies.

Hersh’s original article on the raid; published last year called into question several key aspects of the White House’s narrative concerning how the entire operation went down and what knowledge the Pakistani security forces had beforehand. The article detailed how top Pakistani military officers would had to have cleared the helicopters carrying the Navy SEALS for flight into Abbottabad in order to not raise any alarms.

The article also found multiple other sources that questioned the story of the Obama administration finding the location of Bin Laden through “watching a series of couriers” in Abbottabad and observing their actions around the Al-Qaeda leader’s compound. The article was well laid and out and researched and showed that – despite the Pakistani governments claims of ignorance – it was likely Bin Laden was essentially being held as a semi-prisoner out of sight from Western officials and agencies that would be attempting to find him.

The book apparently goes much further into detail on the claims Hersh previously laid out concerning Pakistan. Still most of these details are open secrets but in the interview released Thursday; Hersh also had quite a bit to say about another major US ally; one known to associate with terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda (and Bin Laden personally): Saudi Arabia.

In the interview Hersh claims the Saudi government likely placed Bin Laden in the care of the Pakistani government “because they didn’t want us interrogating” him. In light of the recent bill in Congress to release the classified 28 pages of the 9/11 commission report concerning the Saudis role in the attacks; this isn’t too hard to believe. “[Hersh’s] guess is, we don’t know anything really about 9/11” which seems to be more obvious as the public gets closer to the truth and the Saudis get more nervous as we approach critical mass here in the US.

The Saudis have threatened to sell of billions in assets if the bill is to go through and expose them to legal ramifications. With the scope of what many Americans believe to be in those 28 pages concerning the Saudis it makes Hersh’s claims seem all the possible. Hersh believes the Saudi government directly paid Pakistan to hide Bin Laden and thinks they could’ve even possibly been “passing along tankers of oil for the Pakistanis to resell.”

Hersh believes that even if the SEALS could have captured Bin Laden they wouldn’t have and that was possibly part of the agreement with the Pakistanis. Bin Laden could have quite possibly given information very similar to that in the 28 pages of the 9/11 report to any interrogators who questioned him. Obama violated the agreement with Pakistani officials to not mention their cooperation in the raid and this week he is in Saudi Arabia trying to salvage what’s left of a crumbling friendship and the “strategic differences” between the two governments. No matter what happens in the coming weeks, months or years it’s apparent we may be getting closer to the truth about not just 9/11 but the Saudis global role in funding terrorist activities and a major shake up to the geopolitical stage may be on the horizon.

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