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Monday’s & Wednesday’s with Nick Bernabe

nick2Airing live from Chula Vista, California, Nick Bernabe and co-host DB Schwartz (live from Minnesota) cover the stories the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know. Sharing their experiences and thoughts with guest hosts, Jake Anderson and Claire Bernish, and their loyal callers, this group of varying views attempts to change the perspective of the daily events that impact global geopolitics and trends.

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Tuesday’s & Thursday’s with SM Gibson

10954555_1017852081576740_5069562515558496735_nSlapping truth to your face live from Birmingham, Alabama, SM Gibson and co-host, Shannon Madden and Kevin Knight, present current events with a different perspective than the mainstream media. With a thirst for truth and efforts to expose the corruption of the state, this group and their callers dissect the events that occur day-to-day but aren’t “important” enough for the mainstream media.

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Friday’s with Lavonne

Whether she’s broadcasting live from her home studio, her Love C.A.T.S. Mobile, or Anti-Media headquarters, Lavonne brings her unique perspective to inspire her listeners. With diverse and culture-centric guests, she broadens her coverage to cover culture, health, and everything in between.

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