Rand Paul's Festivus Airing of Grievances Showcases Government's Ridiculous Waste

Jake Anderson
December 24 , 2015 

(ANTIMEDIA) Most people familiar with the 1990s sitcom, Seinfeld, are also familiar with Festivus, Frank Costanza’s fictitious holiday featuring a metal pole, feats of strength, and an airing of grievances.

Last year, Anti-Media posted an airing of grievances. This year, we have been treated to a strangely facetious missive written by none other than Senator Rand Paul, who posted something called the Waste Report, an airing of grievances regarding the American government’s wasteful federal expenditures.

According to Paul’s .gov page:

The ‘Festivus: Airing of Grievances for 2015’ edition highlights over 30 examples of wasteful spending, misplaced priorities, and bad management in the federal government that have cost the taxpayer more than one billion dollars.”

Highlights include:

An $850,000 foreign made-for-TV cricket league in Afghanistan, a $150,000 federal government agency yoga classes [sic], a $450,000 climate change video game, a $250,000 trip for Pakistani children to attend Space Camp and Dollywood in the U.S., and a $104 million subsidization for millionaires to live in public housing.

However, if you dig further into the document, which you can read in its entirety here, you will find more examples of waste that defy comprehension. Of course, this isn’t surprising, given the fact that our government spends trillions launching fraudulent wars. In this context, 100,000 dollar flower shows and educational climate change video games don’t particularly strike me as wasteful. However, given that tax season is approaching, it’s interesting, albeit somewhat unsettling, to see how our tax dollars are being divested.

For that reason, here are a few more highlights of the ‘Festivus: Airing of Grievances for 2015’ edition of the ‘Waste Report’:

~The National Institute of Health (NIH) spent $22,500 on a grant to put on the 9th World Congress for Hair Research being held in Miami, Florida this week.

~The Department of Defense spent $43 Million on an Afghan gas station almost no one can use.

~Medicare overpays for sleep study research, costing taxpayers as much as $175 million a year. “In a recent report, the Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services noted that one provider of sleep studies recently agreed to repay $15.3 million resulting from false claims,” reads Paul’s report.

~A $15 million grant allowed Cobra Puma Golf to experiment aboard the International Space Station (ISS),“allowing [them] to create the most technologically advanced golf products in the world… technologies that will enhance the performance of all golfers.”

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