Here's Why Ron Paul Just Said Hillary Could Have Run as a Republican

(ANTIMEDIA) Former Republican congressman and presidential candidate, Ron Paul, made some interesting comments in an interview with Fox Business Monday.

Paul was first asked about the Republican establishment’s threats to run a third party candidate against presumptive nominee Donald Trump — a question Paul dismissed as a “purely a dream.” Ron Paul insinuated a third party run by the Republican establishment with Mitt Romney as their candidate would be a major failure because Trump’s popularity stems from the public’s rejection of neoconservative elements of the party.

Then Paul’s comments took a more surprising turn. After dismissing the neocon third party run, he insisted the neoconservative Republicans will actually back Hillary Clinton, not Trump.

“Hillary is a Wall Street person and she is a neocon and she wants to spend money on the military. So, a lot of them will go there. They’re not going to get Romney to run. I think it will shift a lot of people over to Hillary because I’ve always argued that Hillary could have possibly run as a Republican with some of her positions.”

His comments may not be far-fetched at all. Republican establishment figures who align more with Clinton than with Trump on foreign policy are increasingly voicing their unexpected support for her because she can be relied on to maintain a highly militaristic foreign policy.

“In interviews with POLITICO, leading GOP foreign-policy hands — many of whom promoted the Iraq War, detest Putin and consider Israel’s security non-negotiable — said Trump would be a disaster for U.S. foreign policy and vowed never to support him. So deep is their revulsion that several even say they could vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump in November.”

However far to the left Hillary Clinton claims to have moved during the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders, as we’ve detailed on Anti-Media extensively, she actually does line up ideologically with neoconservative Republicans on almost all of her policies — barring social issues, though her warmongering arguably renders her supposed concern for human rights in the United States hypocritical.

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