Russia and France Slam US Over Emergency UN Meeting on Iran

(ANTIWAR.COM— An emergency meeting at the UN Security Council on the subject of week-long protests in Iran saw a series of speeches, including the US reiterating its previous public statements backing demonstrators and threatening Iran, and other nations wondering why this was worth an emergency meeting.

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French Ambassador Francois Delattre insisted the Iran protests had nothing to do with international peace and security, warning against “attempts to exploit this crisis for personal ends,” which many see as a direct rebuke of the US.

Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya was even more frank, saying the meeting amounted to the US abusing its position at the UN to “mess with Iran,” and noting the UN didn’t have any emergency meetings after the US crackdowns in Ferguson.

Iran insisted the matter was an internal affair, not something for the UN to weigh in on, and China agreed, with their ambassador calling it a purely “domestic issue.” There is no sign there was any interest beyond the US for taking any action at the meeting.

After the meeting adjourned, Russia agreed to closed-door talks on what they called the “American initiative,” but there is no indication hat anything has come of the matter since then.

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  • helm hurst

    Lets see how long it takes the US to start this war and all the death (“the poor little babies”) and destruction that goes with a Bankster loan to pay for the clean up……..what ever that may be;
    Think syria, afghanistan, iraq, etc.

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    • Mikael

      —–U.S. is behind “regime change” in any country that wants to control its own oiland natural resouces . Study the history of our coup in Iran in the 50s that led to their revolution, and the invasions of Iraq, Afganistan Syria, and Libya. The U.S. and criminal buddies, U.K. Canada ,France , Saudi Arabia and israel cause instability for oil interests, Israel for land grabbing, .Created by the US, Britain, the Zionnist regime [Israel], Saudi Arabia, the hypocrites [Mujahideen] & monarchists’

      All this is all done by the CIA ,mossad and the English M16 ….just like they did to Libya and Syria …The US got booted in Syria thanks to Russia , now the U.S. zionnist Army can’t invade North Korea , … they are barking at Iran looking for a war to turn Iran like Syria ….it never ends ..The ‘Arab Spring’ was massively assisted by the CIA, Mossad , English-MI6 and other intelligence agencies from other countries .