Russia Is Destabilizing Syria… According to the People Currently Destabilizing Syria

September 30, 2015   |   Don Shay

Don Shay
September 30, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Brea, CA — Russia is destabilizing Syria  according to those destabilizing Syria.

In a move many consider to be an act of bitter defiance to the West, the Russian government appears to have significantly increased its military aid to the Syrian regime. This support hinges largely on the provision of providing advanced weaponry — such as tanks and artillery — training Syrian soldiers to use those weapons systems, and Russian-led airstrikes against ISIS. Unsurprisingly, Western media pundits and officials (and their devoted followers) are expressing renewed outrage over Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict — at the same time, excluding pertinent background information on Russia’s historical roots in the region.

Russia’s support for Syria dates back to 1946, when Russia helped consolidate Syria’s independence. The two countries mutually came to a diplomatic and military agreement in the form of a non-aggression pact, which was enacted on April 20, 1950. In this pact, Russia promised support to the newly-created Syria by helping to develop its military and by providing tactical support. Essentially, Russia and Syria have been cooperating for decades both militarily and economically, with Russia maintaining a naval base on the Syrian Mediterranean.

Regardless of history, it matters little if global consensus opinion supports Russia. The reality is that the war in Syria has no positive outcomes for the people living there. If Assad is removed from power, it is likely the country will fall completely into the hands of ISIS and other terror groups — much like what occurred in Libya and Iraq. The United States’ prospects in the region seem dismal to anyone with a track record of our earlier interventions. If the U.S. placed more emphasis on diplomacy and less emphasis on arming belligerents, however, a political solution to the Syrian conflict would be much more of a possibility.

A primary criticism of Russia’s relationship with Syria is that arming Assad is an attempt to prolong the conflict and destroy the nation. U.S. pundits point fingers at Russia as if its allegiance with Syria is a new development without understanding the historical intricacies of the Russian-Syrian relationship. In contrast, many individuals complaining about Russia’s role in “destabilizing Syria” and “prolonging the conflict” do not apply the same scrutiny to the United States’ new-found interest in the country.

It is no secret the United States has armed, trained, and financed the Syrian rebels for nearly the entire duration of the conflict. Does this implicate the United States in prolonging the conflict? U.S.-backed fighters have consistently defected to ISIS and Al-Qaeda, transferring their battle experience and weaponry to virulent terrorist groups. When Al-Qaeda violently occupies villages and towns and ISIS fighters send scores of refugees fleeing for their lives, should the U.S. policy that caused such a catastrophe be questioned?

Critics concerned by what Russia is accused of doing  destabilizing Syria and prolonging the conflict  should be equally opposed to U.S. intervention in that country. U.S. intervention in Syria, much like U.S. intervention elsewhere, has culminated in unprecedented destabilization and blowback. However, most people — as George Orwell understood — have a lopsided view of history, as they ignore and almost refuse to come to terms with the atrocities their own state commits, and by that logic, ignore the detrimental role the United States has played in Syria.

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The tragedy of the current crisis in Syria is not that hundreds of thousands of people have died or that millions more have become refugees. What makes the death and suffering of so many Syrians tragic is that their pain and grief achieved nothing. It seems there will be no silver lining around the bottomless and ever-expanding pit of war and death in Syria.

One of the best solutions for a peaceful Syria hinges on the United States completely withdrawing from the region and the U.N. strengthening, instead of impeding, democratic movements that usher in a peaceful transition from chaos to stability. Calling for U.S. intervention in this region is simply perpetuating decades-old Russian-American animosity expressed through what could be considered a proxy war between terrorists on both sides of the political spectrum in Syria. This will only hurt innocent civilians by causing death and destruction — and by extension, promoting continued massive movements of refugees.

This article (Russia Is Destabilizing Syria… According to the People Currently Destabilizing Syria) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Don Shay and Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific. If you spot a typo, email

Author: Don Shay

Don Shay joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in April of 2015. His topics of interest include history and Middle Eastern politics. Born in La Habra, California, he currently resides in Brea, California.

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  3. such a bullshit (sorry for strong word), so if America did evil then it is good that Russia does it too? wtf?
    can country that supports terrorists in Ukraine fight terrorists in other country? it feels like "western" people are completely off on Russia's motivations, just sad 🙁

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  4. I dont think they are terrorists. they are thousands of thousands of people who 've jsut lived for a long time in the Eastern Ukraine. They speak Russian. And they are pro-Russian. And they became afraid of the revolution which happened in Kyiv. It is normal that they resist those who come to their land and impose their rules on them. Nobody will argue that it is the USA which funded the revolution in Kyiv?
    As to USA vs .Syria – supporting those who cut their enemies heads is better than supporting legal government of Syria according to international treaties? wtf

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  5. Vladislav Žižoma "thousands of thousands of people who 've jsut lived for a long time in the Eastern Ukraine" are hostages of these russian terrorist! should i remind who were the first people that used weapons in Ukraine conflict? what was nationality of people who looted police and securty service buildings to seize the weapons? should i remind who killed ukrainian officers that didn't make any resistence to the "green men" back in Crimea? whom i'm telling? you've took your posision so you will wash off any evil deeds of Russia just to not change your mind…

    and about Syria… you are trying to say that Assad's people doesn't "cut their enemies heads"? Nazis were legal goverment too, so what? we should agree with Holocaust?

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  6. Ilya Khamushkin I respect you and our position. However, these people are not more hostages of the situation than the rest of us. The thing is that Kyiv sent troops to the Estern Ukraine. And the "terrorists" are just average people who 've lived there for many years. I know that for sure as I have friends in there. I was born there. Some of my relatives live there. Do not be so one-sided.

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  7. Ilya Khamushkin let's not talk in the language of hatred. Let's face the facts. Civil war is going on in Ukraine. Earlier the Russians and the Ukrainians were friends. It was Eltsin, Kuchma and others who were guilty. But now… for the next several generations…. ukrainians will accuse russians. and russians will accuse ukrainians. and why? because of USA and the revolution in Kyiv it funded in order to win new areas of influence.

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  8. Ilya Khamushkin well.. as to Syria… i think that IF legal government falls in Syria……… the remains of common sense and humanity will vanish as all those savages will get the power. It's my opinion.

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  9. Vladislav Žižoma if you think that "legal government" in Syria is "remains of common sense and humanity"… then i have nothing to discuss with you

    and again about Ukraine, you ignoring my comment: who took the arms first?
    you're saying that "Kyiv sent troops to the Estern Ukraine", but it happened only after ukrainian people were killed in Crimea and Donbass

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  12. both russia and uncle sam are ass holes…
    uncle sam was instrumental in creating chaos in middle east.
    hail weapon industry…..

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