Russian Media Claims "30 Israeli and Western Officers” Killed in Syria

(ANTIMEDIA) The conflict in Syria continues to take a number of unexpected and, frankly, very concerning turns for the worse following a devastating attack on Syrian troops by U.S.-coalition forces and the destruction of an aid convoy – a possible war crime.

Now, reports are emerging that Israeli Mossad agents and other foreign military officers were killed in Aleppo on Tuesday in a Russian missile strike fired by Russian warships. On September 22, 2016, Russian and Iranian state media both claimed some “30 Israeli and Western officers” died when they were hit by three Kalibr cruise missiles fired by Russian warships in a “foreign officers’ coordination operations room” in western Aleppo, near Mount Simeon.

According to the Arabic version of Russia’s Sputnik news, military officials from the United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Turkey were also killed in the strike. These countries are staunch members of the anti-Assad alliance, and as a result, it isn’t surprising to learn their agents might have been on the ground in Syria.

As reported by the Times of Israel, at the time of this article’s publication, the Israeli government is yet to confirm or deny these reports. Thus far, only Russian and Iranian media have advanced the claim.

It is suspected that the Mossad and other NATO-allied agents who came under Russian fire were helping to coordinate the rebels’ attacks in Aleppo. Israel also regularly provides air cover for Syrian rebels trying to oust the Assad regime in Syria, which means having Mossad agents on the ground to help coordinate rebel movements would not be out of the ordinary. Further, Mossad agents have been interfering in Syrian territory for some time now, going so far as assassinating top Syrian military officials. Eventually, one would imagine that these agents could very well be on the receiving end of a missile strike.

If true, the reports almost represent a tit-for-tat attitude toward the Syrian conflict that has started to emerge in the last few weeks.

As these kinds of strikes become more common, it is increasingly difficult to argue the world is not at war considering they are consistently bombing each other.

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