Saudi King Starves Princesses’ Dog to Death for Fun

Justin King | The Anti-Media

GalaIt’s a story that has been playing out since before the Twin Towers fell. Four Saudi Princesses have been held in captivity in a Royal Compound in Jeddah for over 13 years. The girls were imprisoned for standing up to their father, King Abudullah, on issues such as women’s rights and to punish their mother who failed to give him a son. Apparently, in addition to failing to understand basic human rights, the King’s understanding of biology is also lacking. It is the male’s sperm that determines the sex of a child. Image credit:

The Princesses have reportedly been slowly starving to death without fresh food and water. They have been surviving on dates from a tree within the compound, but now Saudi troops have removed the fruit. The women have never received a trial or been formally accused of a crime. Tragedy struck recently when Gala, the women’s dog, starved to death.

gala2The Western media has largely ignored the multiple pleas for help from the imprisoned Princesses. Their mother, who is in exile in London has also been snubbed by Western leaders. President Obama declined to bring up the subject of the women to the King in 2014, but he did authorize a $60 billion arms deal with the Saudi regime in 2010. It is unsurprising, due to the King’s vast oil wealth and his hold over Western leaders.

Gala’s death will be followed by the deaths of Sahar, Jawaher, Maha, and Hala if the world does not react strongly to King Abudullah’s actions. This spectacle is nothing more than entertainment for the King. When US allies are prepared to kill their own children simply to prove a point, the nation must consider whether or not this is a relationship it should continue.

The Saudi regime is a consistent abuser of human rights of all kinds. For an overview of Saudi Arabia’s human rights issues, click here.

Activists are attempting to organize under the hashtag #FreeThe4.