Saudi Warplanes Attack Crowded Yemen Restaurant

(ANTIWAR.COM— The latest in a series of Saudi airstrikes killing a number of civilian bystanders in Yemen saw warplanes attack a popular restaurant in the port of Hodeidah on Saturday, killing at least 20 and wounding a number of others.

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The attacks, in the al-Jarrahi District, targeted the crowded restaurant and destroyed three taxi cabs that were parked outside. Everyone in the cabs was killed, and dozens of other casualties were reported in the restaurant.

Saudi officials offered no indication why the strikes targeted the restaurant, though this isn’t particularly surprising, as the Saudis have rarely offered comments in recent weeks related to their strikes that kill civilians.

Attacking Hodeidah has become increasingly common, however, with Saudi forces trying to soften up the defenses of the last port held by the northern Houthi movement. Such strikes, however, have tended to target civilian infrastructure.

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  • Joyce Gaynor

    Was the “restaurant” preparing to launch a missile? This seems to happen too often in Yemen, you dine, you eat, and a missile is launched to Riyadh. Happens with increasing frequency. My suggestion is Yemen may want to take ballistic missiles aimed at Saudi Arabia off their “menu”.

  • Carrie Marc

    Well that restaurant and taxis won’t pose a threat to Saudi security any more.. Saudis and the American war machine are just using innocent people for target practice. When do we end the slaughter?