Saudis Buying $7 Billion More in US Arms to Continue Slaughter of Yemen

(ANTIWAR.COMWith international complaints about war crimes mounting, and a vote on US involvement in Yemen having just been derailed by the Congressional leadership, another vote on Saudi weapons sales is likely forthcoming, following reports the Saudis have made deals for another $7 billion in US arms related to the war.

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Details of exactly what is being bought aren’t totally clear, with the State Department yet to officially disclose it to Congress. The deals are with Raytheon and Boeing, and are described as “precision guided munitions.”

Congressional votes on arms sales have historically been very easy to pass, though sales to the Saudis have been getting closer and closer, with thousands of civilians killed in the US-backed Saudi war, and concern that more arms sales adds to US culpability.

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) has already confirmed in recent months that he intends to block future arms sales to the Saudis related to the Saudi blockade of Qatar. The Saudis have been buying arms aggressively from both the US and British since the 2015 invasion of Yemen, and so far haven’t had any outright refused like that.

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