Scientists: Acceptance Of Breastfeeding and Nipples Needed to Fight Cancer

Op-Ed by Lavonne Mireles-Clardy
June 30, 2015

Women are designed to facilitate and nurture future generations physically, without a doubt; but is modern society hindering the health status of the youth via conventional consensus regarding female nipple acceptance?

Perhaps this is due to the widespread misconception of the mystical innate abilities that the body possesses verses the most necessary ability to properly be “social” and have “class”. This is not an opinion, as it is clearly demonstrated collectively by everyone’s adverse reaction/discomfort to female NIPPLES!!!

Mothers have been struggling for decades to not only produce for their child on demand, but to do so with adherence to cultural trends. Historically, the use of alternative feeding for infants has included wet nursing (other babies boobies, or O.B.B.), bottles and the revolutionary idea of formula. Some mothers are unable to feed for various reasons due to physical interference, emotional imbalance, discomfort, lack of milk, lifestyle, and notably because they NEED to work.

According to the Journal of Perinatal Education: A History of Infant Feeding, published in 2009: “Society’s negative view of wet nursing, combined with improvements of the feeding bottle, the availability of animal’s milk, and advances in formula development, gradually led to the substitution of artificial feeding for wet nursing. In addition, the advertising and safety of formula products increased their popularity and use among society. Currently, infant formula-feeding is widely practiced in the United States and appears to contribute to the development of several common childhood illnesses, including atopy, diabetes mellitus, and childhood obesity.”

We become what we eat. Our cells, which are the tiniest us’s, use food to clean and repair; which is what they are doing constantly. Your body is always working in your best interest to make sure that all systems are operating at optimal performance. There’s something called passive immunity that occurs when a baby is breastfed (also happens in utero), said baby will absorb all of the antigens that are inside of its mother’s body via her breast milk. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics, breast milk has “many immunologically active components and anti-inflammatory defence mechanisms that influence the development of an infant’s immune system.” It is important for us to make this connection between food and health; especially if we are being forward thinking responsible citizens that rationally attack the cause of disease, instead of being a nation that treats symptoms.

People began to realize a connection between food and development and came to fear that their children were taking on characteristics of the women who feed them. “During the Middle Ages, society regarded childhood as a special time of fragility and vulnerability. Breastmilk was deemed to possess magical qualities, and it was believed that breast milk could transmit both physical and psychological characteristics of the wet nurse. The belief resulted in protests” (Osborn MS. The rent breasts: A brief history of wet-nursing. Midwife, Health Visitor & Community Nurse. 1979a;15(8):302–306.) This phobia of transmitted qualities into developing children was the precursor to the manner in which babies are most commonly feed; which is sadly animal’s milk or something made in a lab. In our efforts to be safe as we advance as a society, we have forgotten something very fundamental, nature always has an intention.

Perhaps our ability to be objective and literally teach ourselves anything and everything whenever we want is nature’s way of ensuring our survival. It’s time to look at all the facts and perpetuate the truth. Further findings that were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics, suggest that breastfed babies have a 19 per cent lower risk of the blood cancer Leukemia, compared to babies who are given formula or who are breastfed for a shorter period of time. The researchers go on to say that, “The many potential preventive health benefits of breastfeeding should also be communicated openly to the general public, not only to mothers, so breastfeeding can be more socially accepted and facilitated.”

So what I am saying, is your acceptance of everyone’s nipples, will literally save lives as a result of stronger immunity.

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