Someone Launched a Petition to Get Jerry Springer to Host the Next GOP Debate

Claire Bernish
March 8, 2016

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(ANTIMEDIA) Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached a point in the 2016 presidential elections where it would be better to admit the truth: the entire process has become an Amurican farce.

In the spirit of satire-cum-reality, someone launched the most fitting petition imaginable on Make Jerry Springer the host of the next Republican debate.

And why not? With major media networks — already slim parodies of their former selves — instituting buzzers arguably stolen from gameshow sets, why shouldn’t one of the pioneers of tabloid talk shows be in on the game?

With candidates like Trump, who’s touting a giant, wholly unrealistic border wall, increased torture, and “opening up” any number of laws he doesn’t happen to agree with, why wouldn’t a former mayor turned talk show host be the perfect fit?

Though the petition — which has already garnered over 500 signatures — truly speaks for itself, its author offers one morsel of insight to help persuade potential signees:

Do you or do you not want to see Donald Trump throw a chair at Marco Rubio?

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