Spanish Police Ready to Arrest Catalan President Over Independence Bid

“Elite” forces have been deployed to Catalonia for a possible raid.

(ANTIWAR.COM) — As Catalonia’s President Carles Puigdemont went to the parliament to sign the declaration of independence from Spain, Spanish National Police announced that they had “elite officers” deployed around Catalonia, and prepared to execute a “raid” against Puigdemont.

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Spain doesn’t recognize Catalonia’s referendum, and has accused Puigdemont and other leaders of “sedition” against the Spanish crown. Police suggested the arrest was planned if Puigdemont declared independence without some qualifier.

And qualify he did. Puigdemont “suspended” the declaration immediately, which so far appears to have gotten him out of being raided by Spanish National Police. He says the suspension is pending talks with Spain, however.

Spain’s government says they will only talk “within the law,” and since they consider Catalan independence to be unconstitutional even in theory, it seems very unlikely this will result in any talks, though the government is planning an internal meeting to discuss a reaction.

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