State Department Discusses Banning Alternative Media Outlet

January 30, 2015   |   Justin King

Justin King
January 30, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) The US State Department has openly discussed shutting down RT, the Russian news network. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was asked about the idea of shutting the company down at a meeting at the Brookings Institute. She said no, paying lip service to the Freedom of Speech, but citing RT’s limited reach as the real reason.

The incident goes to demonstrate exactly how much censorship exists in the United States. RT broadcasts a narrative that is undoubtedly pro-Russian. Now that the pro-Russian narrative is at odds with the Pro-US narrative, the government is willing to openly discuss simply shutting off American access to the network.

This isn’t the first time that RT was targeted by government officials. The Chair of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors equated RT to terrorist groups when he said:

“We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today which is out there pushing a point of view, the Islamic State in the Middle East and groups like Boko Haram.”

Why would such a question be asked of a State Department official to begin with? Because the US State Department is responsible for large portions of America’s propaganda efforts.

This is the United States of America. We are supposed to have a free press, but if you push a point of view contrary to the government’s, you’re likely to lose your broadcasting license. Regimes in the past held book burnings to remove unfavorable opinions from circulation. The US government doesn’t need to be so boorish. They simply remove the book from libraries or revoke the broadcasting license of the outlet that won’t read the government’s script.

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Author: Justin King

Justin King joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in July of 2014. His topics of interest include activism, human rights, international relations, and military affairs. Born in Japan, he currently resides in the United States.

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  1. How primitive the US is becoming!

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  2. If limited reach were a real reason to ban something then evert Twitter account with fewer than 200k followers and blog, Youtuber, etc should be banned for limited reach too right? Who do these people think they are trying to fool?

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  3. If limited reach were a real reason to ban something then evert Twitter account with fewer than 200k followers and blog, Youtuber, etc should be banned for limited reach too right? Who do these people think they are trying to fool?

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  4. I think you need to reread that, limited reach was cited as the reason to not shut it down. In other words if RT were being heard by more Americans, greater consideration would be given to its removal.

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  5. My mistake. I did misread the sentence.

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  6. There are journalistic standards that are taught in all journalism classes everywhere. The standards for truthful and fair reporting, without bias, should be a pre-requisite for getting a license to broadcast or calling yourself a 'news' program, or website. Under that guideline, anything that is biased, or not following true journalistic standards should be required to have a disclaimer, big and bold, that says this new, or story, or web site is editorial, or for entertainment or not based on fact. If they do not uphold to the disclaimer, their ability to broadcast is shut down. That would shout down FOX so fast. I think CNN would clean up their act.

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  7. too statist for me. It's like outlawing heroine and fantasizing that will stop drug addiction.

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  8. US communications is controlled by six; faux and entertainment news. A rogue corporately controlled government is incapable of regulating itself; it can't even regulate the damn banks.

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  9. What are they afraid of " the truth shall set you free". I don't trust my government and want all the info I can find. So much in this country is only for a select few congress critters to view. Case in point TPP!!!!

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  10. The only time I advise against watching RT is when it's reporting things you know the Kremlin is exceptionally butthurt about, like Ukraine. However if you want a real breakdown as to whats happening in the USA, RT is the place since it serves their interest to expose the ugly truth.

    But seriously, in this day and age every media channel is a Fox and I don't mean the fine ladies who grace the camera lens.

    Seriously. USA vs. Russia…. red white and blue oligarchy vs. red white and blue oligarchy.

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  11. The last time fox renewed is license it applied under entertainment rather than news.

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  12. Fuck the system.

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  13. I guess that means other countries should start banning CNN and VOA.

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  14. Just shows you the myth of so called freedom of speech.. Free as long as you agree with the establised narative..

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  15. The truth is the fist victim of corruption. Since 9/11, the corruption of government, of the law, and of the constitution has been hidden and reframed by American MSM, but many thinking people are looking elsewhere for information. Fox distracts, plants seeds of doubt and mistrust with gossip and innuendo, and often outright lies. MSM is also helping by simply not revealing it and drawing attention to it. It's indicative of the scale of corruption and the institutions that have been drawn in toward dependence on it.

    Corruption is not primitive, it's oppressive, it cannot stand truth or reason, it cannot stand fact, or rational opposition, it cannot stand to held accountable to word and deed. It always has excuses, it always relies on scapegoats, diversion, deflection and projection. It's nature is destructive and sociopathic. It relies on deception and a passive, fearful and anxious people utterly confused or simply willing to turn a blind eye. There are none so blind as he who will not see. We are all, I fear, living history…the end of democracy and generations to come will wonder how and why we let it happen.

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  17. The more news sources the better since they all have bias and some point of view.
    RT is quite neutral as long as it has nothing to do with Russia, then they go off the rails.
    Just like CCTV is a good news service as long as it has nothing to do with China.
    Aljazeera English is perhaps the least biased outlet on the planet (old BBC middle east crew), but since a rich sheik from Qatar pays the bills they fall silent/muted if events touches too close to home.
    I think many people have problems with RT because their bias are on the other side of the neutral-fence compared to most western news.

    Usually when these alternative news outlets are used for targeted political propaganda purposes even a 12year old can spot it..
    I sometimes suspect the RT crew of being over-zealous on purpose when they get a memo from The Kremlin.
    It's quite hilarious to watch and nobody outside the Duma would think it's anywhere close to the truth.

    Western mainstream media however are much more insidious and coordinated.
    The lies and bias aren't that obvious and they are sprinkled here and there between what is usually solid and truthful reporting.
    Of course the powers that be are afraid of losing their hegemony to paint the world view of their citizens to their own benefit.
    If "alternative news" catches on there is even the risk of some western media houses breaking ranks and then the entire propaganda machinery may fall apart.

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  18. Welcome to the Fourth Reich, where the Truth is Treason.

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  19. "Oligarchy vs oligarchy"… It aint that simple. US/NATO imperialism abroad is unparalleled. Let's not cal them all the same thing, rather, let's give credit where credit is due. Russia has shown every sign that they want to live in a modern world of trade and development. US/NATO has clearly shown that they want to stick with a brutal imperialistic agenda around the globe.

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  20. Uh, it was a question.. asked at a press conference…..about the Russian propaganda channel that is allowed to be carried in a number of cable stations in the US. Look, for example, of their coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. You won't find any. This is not an alternative news source, if is what the Russian police state wants you to think. If you can't recognize pure BS, shame on you. If there was an equivalent station on Russian cable from the US, I could understand the concern…… it there isn't. You could friend Putin on FB, or you could get his messages from St. It's up to you.

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  21. This is nothing different than what was going on in the 50's and 60's. Government censorship was into everything broadcast related at that time. Few Television programs got away with discussing current topics such as Nam. Remember Walter Cronkite exposing the watergate fiasco. Richard Nixon wanted to pressure CBS into removing their broadcast license if they did not cooperated with teh current regieme. No Freedom of speech is something our Government only pays lip service too.

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  22. I am ashamed at the loss of Liberty for my country!

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