Stephen Hawking and 1,000 Experts Sign Letter Warning Of Weaponized Robots

July 28, 2015   |   John Vibes

John Vibes
July 28, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Tesla’s Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Google executive Demis Hassabis, and professor Stephen Hawking are among over 1,000 artificial intelligence experts who have recently signed an open letter warning the world about the dangers of weaponized robots and a “military artificial intelligence arms race” currently taking place between the world’s military powers.

According to the letter, “AI technology has reached a point where the deployment of [autonomous weapons] is – practically if not legally – feasible within years, not decades, and the stakes are high: autonomous weapons have been described as the third revolution in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear arms.”

“The endpoint of this technological trajectory is obvious: autonomous weapons will become the Kalashnikovs of tomorrow. The key question for humanity today is whether to start a global AI arms race or to prevent it from starting,” the letter continues.

The current military technology available to the world’s governments is already a massive danger to the planet and everyone that lives here, and it is obvious, as the letter states, that the addition of artificial intelligence could make the global arms race significantly more threatening.

Many people have a hard time grasping how close this scenario is to becoming a reality, but the industry’s leading experts, who have a deep knowledge and understanding of the technology and how it is developing, can see the danger represented by military applications of artificial intelligence.

How this situation can actually be handled is extremely complicated because there is actually no ability for the general population of any country to ensure that their governments don’t develop military artificial intelligence.

According to the Guardian, Toby Walsh, professor of AI at the University of New South Wales, has suggested that the United Nations oversee a ban of these weapons, however a ban of this nature would only ensure that the countries in control of the UN and NATO would have exclusive access to weaponized AI. This is similar to the way the United Nations currently bans nuclear weapons while allowing larger NATO nations to continue developing them.

The solution to this problem will not be enacted by any of the governments or government-affiliated agencies that will benefit from the development of military AI, but a letter from over 1,000 of the industries leading experts is a start towards actually finding a real ground-up solution.

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Author: John Vibes

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  1. Estraterrestrial human being did it more than 3000 year ago. The problem is all government are manteining it at secret.

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  2. So you are saying, in roughly 1000 BC, that a human not on Earth created artificial intelligence capable of combat?

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  3. Israel is saying "Extraterrestrial (ETs) did it (did what IT?) more than 3000 yrs. ago and the 'government' is keeping 'it' secret", and Kacper explains; "he means God" that would imply that the ETs were God. Easier and more logical to believe than "the God of Irael, or Allah, or Budha, or Krishna and all of the religion Gods created by living humans. We now have "living humans here on Earth" that are New Age ETS in human bodies. They are in high offices that are obediant to Zionist OWO Illuminati. They can only be recognized and defined by their Genetic Codes (Birth Numbers). They are born into logical and clinical thinking in their approach to life and rules. Some of these people include Obama and his wife, Clinton and Gore. But mostly Kissinger who was in control. These are all people whose Genetic Codes are number 11, the "Master Number". Do you know your genetic Code? You can learn it by reading HOW NUMBERS CONTROL YOUR LIFE AND GIVE YOUR LIFE PURPOSE 2009 Amazon. "Knowledge is good luck, ignorance is bad luck"..

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