1. my book may interest you. The St Clair vineyard chemical poisoning of peter kiley sets a precedent here in New Zealand. THIS IS WHAT THE NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT WILL DO TO YOU IF YOU TRY TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT, AND COMPLAIN ABOUT CHEMICAL SPRAY ISSUES. http://www.amazon.com/Persecuted-New-Zealand-Migrants-Story/dp/0473178184/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1G331BEKZ0NEMH18ASRY
    This is what happened when I stood up for the environment in New Zealand. I am a british citizen with no criminal record, and migrated to new zealand with my then wife and two young daughters in november 1992. We have no relatives here. My two daughters here in new zealand are now aged aged 24 and 27, they have never had a proper upbringing due to this unresolved 19 year issue. We have lost our small Seddon Motor Camp business and my freehold and dept free titles on that business and our home, on issues that were not of our making, effectively loosing my life savings. I now have a $165,000 NZD mortgage for the first time in my life. Neither of my daughters have children, they both live in rental homes in christchurch NZ, and also work there. My youngest daughter has recently informed me that she is expecting twins, which are due this september or october. My daughters mother, namely denise corden ( my ex-wife ) had a nervous breakdown over this issue and went to live in the USA. My girls havent seen her for some 10 years, due to lack of funds. I would like to post you a couple of free CDs of my book, they are in colour, my actual book is in black and white only. http://www.amazon.com/Persecuted-New-Zealand-M…/…/ref=sr_1_1? The opening pages in my books can be freely read through Amazon. My book is not selling, as I believe the powers that be do not want the public to read it, as the truth will hurt them too much. The MDC- Marlborough District Council CEO Bob Penington and the council lawyer Peter Radich both acted with outright malice against us. Both the NZ National and Labour Governments sided with the MDC. A Marlborough Pesticide action group headed by now deceased Gerry Hey put in a $1million compensation claim for us. The MDC threw it out, not giving us anything. Meanwhile my family have been placed in relative poverty due to this unresolved issue.
    http://www.youtube.com/user/stclairspraydrift The result of the st clair vineyard chemical spraydrift onto my property resulted in the poisoning of myself, as confirmed in 2008 by the NZ Government agency ACC, this sets a precedent here in New Zealand. ACC pay me the sum of $35 per week for said poisoning. I also believe my family were also poisoned, but ACC did not pursue their cases. facebook.com/petekileywww

    Contact details. Peter Kiley 17 Nursery Lane Seddon Marlborough New Zealand. EMAIL catherinelouise@xtra.co.nz LANDLINE 64-03-5757778 CELL 027 318 8026 CELL 0210 268 4499 Yours sincerely Peter Kiley.

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  2. the word terroism invokes alot of thoughts for the custard.So much so even wikipedia has trouble defining the word.Wow.

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  3. "Sergeant Jennifer Martin rolled up to an Arby’s drive-thru Monday night, presumably hungry after a long day of menacing peaceful people with extortion threats." Bold assumption by this writer and the publisher. You publish this to take advantage of the poor, the less educated, not make a point but in the hopes you can get a following so you advertisers get a few clicks on their ads. Your mother should send you to you room and would if she knew this.

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  4. Author is already in their room………Mom should send them to the basement next…….then out the door into the real world.

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  5. In regards to Mr. Kiley's post. I clicked on the Amazon link to his book and read from the look inside feature. Unfortunately because of the run on sentences, no paragraphs, too much editorizing, and the over all disconbobulation of the story–what I read made no sense. I also noticed there was no table of contents that would have indicated the topics of the book. I quickly lost interest as the story read more like a long rambling complaint on a blog. However, I believe Mr. Kiley's book has validity and would be best told if he hired a seasoned ghost writer to rewrite the story into a more interesting and factual format.

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  6. Just met my first freemason n in all reality was trying to frice me to except what is to n.w.o. was to bring about whike ignoring his master's true agenda it slowly became a heated debate

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  7. Bryan L. Moe I also hope I never need one. The way things are going, the police are becoming more problematic than helpful or useful.

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  8. As I posted elsewhere on here; if you are for real, why have you not covered my Presidential Campaign? PresidentKopitke2016.info As of March 19th, I am in 9th place for total lifetime votes received, and the only one of the top 9 (Trump, Clinton, Sanders, etc) that has served in the Military, and that has been posted overseas as an American Diplomate as a member of the United States Peace Corps. I am also the only one who has been a President of an Environmental group that did something (banned the first time buring of contaminated Cyanide Chips on American Soil. And, I am the only serious Presidential Candidate who talks about the Globalist One World Government of the New World Order efforts to destroy the Constitution, and enslave the world.

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  9. LOVE IS THE KEY FOR PEACE.( for Religions and non Religions, for all Humanity.) and a little brains*.
    LOVE means everything, Respect,Toleration, Sharing,free Education,Understanding,Acceptation,Joy,Happiness,etc, all good feelings, emotions and thoughts are in that word Love, but its not in the word, its specialy inside yourself, that grows in everyones heart, Love is to be fed, as water, sun, and good ground for flowers.
    The individual.
    Negative feelings or emotions, both individually and collectively, we will have to learn to deal with it and try to improve, monitor, manage and understand. Negative Emotions are for example; Ego, Hate, Fear, Lies,Poverty,Sadness, Power, Greed, Selfishness, Anger, Dividing, laziness, ignorance etc.
    Positive feelings or emotions can summarize because that's LOVE. LOVE represented all the good feelings and emotions.
    Positive Emotions are for example; Happiness,Joy, Beauty, Unify, Peace, Respect, Tolerantie, Understanding, Sharing, Acceptation,Uniting, Connecting, etc.
    Special note:These feelings and emotions are in the Past, in the Present and in the Future, and in Azia, Europa, North-South America, Africa, Middle-East, Australia , everywere and always.
    We have many enlightened experienced in the past, they do not need a name, because everyone know some enlightened spirits .But all have been through a common path , development, transformation experience and that is, develop themselves as human beings , each in their own enlightened way but all out of love.
    Common feelings.
    Their are also Common feelings, we all like to watch sport, or listen to music,watching a beautiful nature documentary, or see refugees drown, wars, poverty.Soo their are negative and positive common feelings.
    Wrong leaders feed these negative feelings, feed Hate,Lies, Fear, Anger, Dividing, ignorance, and keep the people in poverty, frustration and ignorance and unfamiliarity and because the crowd most work(when they have work) hard for less money and don't have time for living,its more surviving they are very frustrated of these wrong therapy we are all living now in a shredded world.
    Good Wise Leaders feed us with Love, education, enough for everyone, Prosperity, Unite, peace, no poverty,all good things for Mankind.
    When we had good wise leaders, were would humanity be now????
    Power and Greed are the roots of evil and characteristics for Egoïsm, or Selfishness, soo their for its a natural phenomenon, Power corrupts and total power corrupts totally. Better the power of LOVE.When the power ol love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
    Soldiers and Police (They have also children,family,feelings are humans,not robots) are the wapens and instruments for those in power, but when the soldiers and police know they are, then they maybe fight for peace and love,for freedom,not for slavery.
    The people have still the power to change, because we are with many and they are with less, and LOVE is the message, not greed and power for a few.
    Accept the changes of LOVE or go to prison. because
    enough is enough.
    For we are only passengers and all one, united, connect with everyone and everything.
    Note*. Brains: How many brains a man/woman use and when their were collective awareness, were would Mankind standing now. maybe their can be a paradise on Earth and Enlightened collective LOVE and Soul and optimal using brains for Humanity.
    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will live as one (John Lennon)
    Peter van Els Founder: stoptheselfishnessofgreed

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  10. Apologists for BLM. Haters of the US. Traitors and Malcontents. Two women on Team? Truly Representative of Gender in Society? Why not move to Russia or Canada?

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