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Born on the 24th of August not so long ago, Wedler currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she was born and raised. With a BA in History from University of California, Los Angeles, she takes special interest in in the police and warfare states, the Drug War, the relevance of history to current problems and solutions, and positive developments that drive humanity forward. Before joining Anti-Media’s team in September of 2014, she produced videos for her YouTube channel. As an independent journalist, Carey is also the Senior Editor for Anti-Media and is responsible for editing most of the site’s content.

Her Work

10 Stories the Mainstream Media Ignored While Obsessing Over #CaitlynJenner

Teenage Students Forced to Strip and “Shake” Their Breasts in School Drug Search

Federal Government Finally Admits Cannabis Can Help Kill Cancer Cells

Days After LAPD Kills Unarmed Homeless Man, 3 Men in Ski Masks Open Fire on Officers

Why are Jay-Z and Beyonce Covering Up Their Donations to Police Brutality Protesters?

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Graduated summa cum laude from UCLA – 2010

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  1. Hi Brian. I agree, Carey's view has value. But that feels like a huge understatement to me. Maybe that's because I'm big big fan of CW's voluntaryist youtube vids. She seems to be able to offer the non-violent freedom message in a way that seems like genius to me. Obviously we need many other people presenting the message in their way until enough people understand that until we agree that the only way forwards is non violence, we are lost. It was while watching Larken Rose videos that I 'got it'. After that there was no way back.

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  2. Richard L Waddy I got the message in the least obvious way.

    I am a biblical schollar. When I got to Jesus I realized that all of the violent people who claim christ are false prophets. We are to promote freedom, and yet we have people enslaving one another in the name of religion and government.

    I wrote to counter the BS. However, I wrote this book after Adam Kokesh and I talked, and after I read his book Freedom!. Through Adam, I very briefly met Carey. When Adam and Carey broke up, Adam let me know that Carey had her own channel. Been a fan since.

    I am glad that I have had the opportunity to meet with some of these people, and to listen to others.

    Mostly I am glad that I have the opportunity to promote peace and liberty.

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  3. Everything I read from her is BS. No facts, I am sure she is a fiction writer and this is just show for her.

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  4. Great story on the drug situation in Ireland. I love a positive news story and this one is grand.

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  5. And again, another roll over and play pacifist anti American liberal. You people are a disgrace to this nation. Go somewhere else since we are so damn horrible over here. There has to be some pansy loving nation somewhere you can go and live your utopian lives in.

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