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Born in Ohio in 1984, Callaghan currently resides in South Carolina. With a Business Associate’s Degree and a Certified Reiki Master, her topics of interest include biotech, civil liberties, economic and farming solutions, education, freedom, freedom to farm, natural health, and natural medicine and healing. Before joining Anti-Media’s team in September of 2014 as an independent journalist, she has written for ActivistPost.com since 2011 and co-founded NaturalBlaze.com in 2013.

When asked for additional accomplishments, this was her response:
I’ve written over 500 articles. Since 2011 I’ve written articles and worked for Activist Post. I write articles daily at Activist Post and Natural Blaze.

My articles have been featured on InfoWars, Lew Rockwell, David Icke, The Mind Unleashed, Progressive Radio Network, Cutting Through The Matrix, The D.C. Clothesline, Conscious Living News, Rense, Waking Times, The Open Mind, Strike-The-Root. I’ve done interviews on Flow of Wisdom (GCN), Far Out Radio, UCY.TV, The Rundown Live, Down the Rabbit Hole on Truth Frequency, Bob Tuskin and KBFX Eyewitness News in California.

Her Work

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