Jaime Lopez

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Born in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico, some years back, Lopez currently resides in San Diego, California, USA. With a high school diploma and some college education, he’s currently a full-time life student. His topics of interest include education, equality, fitness, freedom of expression, health, history, human development, human rights, problems and solutions, world peace, and yoga. Before joining Anti-Media’s team in January of 2015 as the Editorial Assistant, Jaime comes with 12 years of experience in human relations, business development, and marketing; he’s an entrepreneur.

Given the chance to say more about himself, he obliged:

Yay! A place to toot my own horn. I’m awesome and that’s pretty much there is to it. I’m also full of it, but I can accept it; I don’t worry about what I can’t change. BUT, for those things I can change, you bet your ass I’ll work mine off to make it happen. Hard work and determination are no shy attributes to my success. I’d like to motivate people to make a change.

Fuck yeah!


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