Jake Anderson


Born on the second of June in 1982, Anderson currently resides in Escondido, California. With an educational background in film and digital media, he finds interest in social justice, science, corporatocracy, dystopian science fiction. Anderson joined Anti-Media’s team in April of 2015 as an independent journalist.

When asked about to write a description about himself, he responded in the third person:

Jake Anderson is a writer/journalist/filmmaker with a passion for subversive themes, fringe ideas, and social justice. He is in pre-production on several films, including a documentary about the effects of advertising on society. He also runs the popular fringe horror blog theghostdiaries.com as well as the corporate watchdog site EvilCorps.com. Jake’s other passions include Burning Man, Youtopia, yoga, meditation, and imagining the distances between galaxies.

His Work

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