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Born in Japan not extremely long ago, King currently resides in the United States. Having studied just about everything except journalism, his topics of interest include international relations, activism, military affairs, and human rights. Before joining Anti-Media’s team in July of 2014 as an independent journalist, Justin comes with a background in military contracting, security consulting, smuggling, and journalism.

In a statement about the journalist:

As a journalist for  Anti-Media, Justin reported from Ferguson during the riots, was waterboarded to demonstrate the effects of torture, provided photographic evidence that assisted in the dismissal of charges against an Anonymous activist, and reported from the Million Mask March in Washington DC. He’s had 1000s of published articles, is Editor of The Fifth Column, and serves as an Adviser for Solutions Institute.

His Work

One Million Bones Scattered Across National Mall in Washington, DC

6-Year-Old Invited Sexual Abuse Says Judge

How to Disable an MRAP for Less than $50

Cop Sexually Assaults 19-Year-Old and Only Sentenced on Misdemeanor Charges

Do Riots Work?

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