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Born in El Cajon, California on the 25th of October in 1987, Mireles-Clardy currently resides in the neighboring city of Lemon Grove. Her educational background covers business management, guerrilla marketing, perpetuation of holitstic nutrition, holistic medical assisting, and Class 4 laser applications. She finds interest in health, wellness, science and innovation, gardening and seed-saving, metaphysics, and meditation. Before joining Anti-Media’s team in August of 2012, she comes with extensive experience in management and marketing As an independent journalist, Lavonne also hosts Anti-Media Radio live every Friday at 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern.

As she describes herself:

I like to practice what I call “being,” which is opposite of “doing.” I often states that I am in constant meditation attempting to be objective whilst letting my subjective experience move through me. Life to me, is not only “school,” but is a collection of moments that can help or hinder one’s character; depending on their perspective. Observation, pondering, reflecting, understanding, and comprehending have become a ritual in this life. Living in such a manner could allow one to essentially “upgrade” or “evolve” daily, thus has been practiced since 1987 within the consciousness of Love-On, Not Off. My studies include: public speaking, biology, physiology, chemistry, nutrition, physical therapy, cognitive restructuring, English, journalism, organic gardening, holistic healing modalities, holistic education, laser therapy, herb applications, meditation, perpetuation and Reiki.

Her Work


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Laser vision, all the way, tuned to 810 nanometers, of course. _DSC1901No make up, just D.N.A.Perpetually pondering pleasantly. Largest Canvas Pending, Lavonne likes to paint horizons.


March Against Monsanto Organizer – 2012 to Present

Reiki Intuitive under Reiki Master Rabindra Sarkat – 2011 to present

Chiropractic Medical Assistant – 2010 to present

Concord College Dean’s List – 2009-10

Helix High School Speak/Journalism – 2003-05

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