Michaela Whitton


Born in the United Kingdom, Whitton joined the Anti-Media team in May 2015. As our first journalist abroad, she describes herself:

Independent journalist and photographer based in the UK with special interest in Palestine & Israel, the Middle East and Conflict.

Her Work

Here’s What The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About UK Immigration

IDF Soldiers Under Investigation After Beating of Unarmed Palestinian Caught on Video

Mass Demonstration Set to Cause Chaos in London Streets

As Middle East Burns, It’s Business as Usual for UK Arms Trade

Why the UK is No Longer Shocked at Establishment Sex Abuse Cover Ups

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  1. First, Michaela, learn a little about Israel history and what exactly is going on there now, and who really kills who. I know, that you and many of like you are pro-palestinian liars, that will do anything and will write any bullshit for money, but don't call to yourself a journalist, because you are not! You are fiction writer, but not a journalist!

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  2. About your article "14 Countries Literally Getting Away with Murder"…..what about USA and the 9/11?

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  3. It's far from fiction. Israel is a rogue state, hell bent on the destruction of those who don't believe their beliefs.
    They began the aggression.

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  4. Tim Haarman, you can invent whatever you want according to "truth" you hear wherever you are.

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