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Born in Long Beach, California on the 25th of September in 1968, Beers currently resides in Los Angeles, California. With an education in Psychology at San Diego State University and Fine Arts at California State University, Los Angeles, she finds interest in mental illness, neurology, quantum physics, Tourette’s, Autism, compassionate parenting, horizontal democracy, activism, and art. Before joining Anti-Media’s team in April of 2014, she comes with an experience as  a correspondent for the OWS Week television program in 2012 which aired internationally on PressTV. As an independent journalist, PM also manages Anti-Media’s twitter account.

When asked about her bragging rights, this was her response:

I have been doing live-stream coverage of activist actions and events in the Los Angeles area since January of 2012. My video footage has also contributed to a documentary called Radicalized, about post-Occupy, millennial anarchists.

Her Work

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Find more of her articles here.

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