Texas Teen Faces Possible Life in Prison For Hash Brownies, #FreeJacobLavoro Twitter Storm Launched

Cassius Methyl | The Anti-Media

In Round Rock, Texas, police unfairly charged a 19 year old man named Jacob Lavoro with a first degree felony for possessing 1.5 pounds of hash, a crime that leaves his best case scenario out of this at 5 years in prison if he is found guilty, and his worst case scenario, being forced to give up the remaining years of his life to the notoriously immoral US government, living in a hellish federal or for profit prison alongside many truly violent criminals. Thumbnail credit: abc13.com

ACTION: Join the #FreeJacobLavoro social media storm

The most absurd part is, he didn’t have even close to 1.5 pounds of hash; he had nothing more than harmless cannabis edibles, brownies cooked with hash oil that weighed 1.5 pounds total, the ones for sale to medical patients or recreational users across the US where cannabis is being rapidly legalized.

He was apparently selling the hash oil brownies, but anyone who has looked into the facts about what hash oil can deduce that there is nothing wrong with cannabis.

Morality should determine whether or not the jury finds this man guilty, and it is clearly immoral to incarcerate people for cannabis.

It makes makes me literally sick to think that this 19 year old man, if convicted, could spend his only experience as a growing adult, maybe even his entire life, inside the concrete walled, barbed wire-fenced facilities that hold entire forgotten communities of the permanently unforgiven in America.

In case you didn’t know, it’s a statistical fact that the US government currently has more people incarcerated in it’s federal and private (for profit) prisons, than any other government or body of people in the entire history of recorded humanity. This government is the statistically single largest oppressor of humans beings known to ever exist.

However, a movement is starting to educate the jury at this man’s trial, the judge, every single person involved in the incarceration of this man.

Let’s do our very best to make those involved in the immoral incarceration of Jacob Lavoro understand the golden medical, industrial, and so many other essential pieces of background information on the potential of cannabis necessary to come to a reasonable conclusion as a jury.

Unless, of course, they are fully aware and just don’t care, or maybe they derive some form of strange satisfaction from ruining lives, an aspect of a socio/psychopathic mental complex frequently found in workers for the state.

Will Jacob Lavoro make it out without being forced to sacrifice his life or a significant portion of his life to the most violent government in history?

I think the answer lies solely in us, if the state will not check itself.

We have the power to bring the hard facts and irrefutable evidence of the purely medicinal nature of cannabis to the jury and judge in Jacob’s trial, and to an infinite variety of people who have the power to help better Jacob’s situation.

We have the power to convince a jury to give a ‘not guilty’ verdict because of the sheer staggering immorality of imprisoning a man for years for a healthy cannabis brownie.

The famous cannabis advocacy group ‘NORML’s Texas branch has already come out in support of Jacob, and that is only the very beginning of the social media storm that we are about to conjure up.

The hashtag #FreeJacobLavoro will hopefully soon be one of the top trending hashtags of the week on twitter, if people like you participate, to display your commitment to the ideals that you also feel need defending in the Jacob Lavoro case.

Let’s announce to every supporter of, or worker for the violent government, that we are willing to spend our free time fighting to raise awareness of our opposition to the imprisonment of people who don’t break the non aggression people, people who have never hurt anybody.

I can’t imagine what kind of mental illness or obsession with punishment these cops could have had to actually charge him as if his brownies were made of 100% hash. Maybe they don’t fully comprehend how it would feel to be incarcerated. It seems there is a degree of sociopathy present in these police, that I believe crosses the barrier from sociopathy to complete psychopathy.

Skeptics might ask me, why of all problems in the world would I attempt to rally legions of support for this one teenager?

Because this type of massive, viral support being given to one victim of the state out of many is a relatively new thing, and i can’t emphasize enough the potential power of this, to set this man free.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if when a person got arrested for a victimless crime, kidnapped by the state, all of the members of your community, your city, came together to support you and flamboyantly voiced opposition to these free reigning badged psychopaths. And more importantly, the oligarchs and tyrants at the top of the pyramid shaped hierarchical power structure, those people who tell the police to ruin people’s lives for ingesting the medicinal plant cannabis?

Well, that hypothetical situation could very well become reality with more participation from the community and those with similar beliefs and convictions, if only there were one case that started this regular practice of a community defending it’s own from the gang of government.

I would like nothing more than to do my part to make the #FreeJacobLavoro movement a real life example of the formidable power of a unified people against the state that is more visible than ever.

At this point, in 2014, It is unprecedented how rapidly and fiercely this paradigm is fading away, the paradigm that for so many decades, casually and unsympathetically supported a bureaucratic dagger aimed at the destruction of innocent cannabis smoker’s lives. The idea of ruining cannabis smokers lives being widely acceptable in Texas is coming to a historical end.

With the global March Against Monsanto coming up the 24th, one can feel the vibe of revolution in the air stronger than ever before.

The time is exactly ripe to try out a Twitter flood , #FreeJacobLavoro.

Let’s trigger a righteous takeover of social media in order to raise awareness about the situation Jacob Lavoro is in, in hopes to positively effect the case somehow. In any case, It could be healthy to let the powers that be understand the true depth of our understanding of their inherently corrupt nature.

If you want to help free this incarcerated cannabis smoker, post on Twitter as much as you can using the hashtag #FreeJacobLavoro.

To participate in the Twitter flood, very minimal effort is required, so as you know, you can show powerful, tangible support for the freedom of Jacob Lavoro with just the act of tweeting things concerning the dysfunctionality or immorality of the state perhaps, relevant or irrelevant to Jacob’s case, with the hashtag #FreeJacobLavoro.

Post basically whatever you want with the hashtag, t only helps it trend higher. It should ideally be of some relevance though of course.

Taking steps to accomplish the goal of getting Jacob found not guilty, or at very least having his sentence reduced in any way possible, is my primary focus here.

You could see a secondary focus, or acquired experience from the task, as it is simply an exercise in activism, utilizing your world wide web veins in our collective conscious being, showing the government and their supporters what we are capable of, and how we are very well connected to reality.

Express yourself, there are no limits.

I only hope I inspired someone to utilize their potential, because too often people waste it, and I believe one of the primary goals of all government propaganda, mainstream media, scary- dumb television, is to disconnect human beings from the idea that they can do anything they put their mind to, and to disconnect people from their potential to excel at whatever they wish.

We have the power to inspire legions of United States citizens from all walks of life to demand justice in this case, with the goal of reducing Jacob Lavoro’s sentence as far down as possible, or getting him off the hook entirely, but with an underlying goal of practicing the art of information spreading and getting used to feeling united with the members of your community, being used to a new paradigm of our precise, intentional, peaceful construct.

Does this sound too good to ever come true, legions of people from all walks of life coming together to support Jacob Lavoro because he is of utmost relevance to our struggles, because that could have been a number of us, losing years of our lives to traumatic prison experiences for ingesting the medicinal plant cannabis?

It shouldn’t, because that exact concept is being turned into reality on May 24th for the March Against Monsanto.

Tweet hashtag #FreeJacobLavoro, with your information of choice.

Please share this article with absolutely as many people as possible, and participate in #FreeJacobLavoro, the Twitter storm, or a Facebook storm, or any creative construct of your potential filled human brain that would assist Jacob. If you have the desire to make meaningful change in the world, and this seems like an ideal avenue to do so, go for it.

ACTION: Join the #FreeJabocLavoro social media storm

I know that if it were me, kidnapped and locked in a cage alongside genuinely violent criminals, for ingesting cannabis, I think the people who care about me would cause a massively flamboyant wave of opposition to the police state just for me too.

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