That Awkward Moment When One Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bombs Another

October 6, 2015   |   Dan Sanchez

Dan Sanchez
October 6, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) US/NATO planes bombed a hospital operated by Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan on Saturday. The attack lasted an hour, and continued even after medics frantically phoned NATO and Washington” to tell them what they were bombing.

It was no use. The attackers already knew full well what their target was. Doctors Without Borders had long ago provided them with the GPS coordinates of their facilities. And the US-installed Afghan government, which had raided that very same hospital in July of this year, had requested the strike, claiming the hospital was being used by insurgents.

The attack killed 22 people, including 12 medical workers and 10 patients. Three of the patients were children. The first bombardment targeted the Intensive Care Unit, where an eyewitness nurse said, “Patients were burning in their beds.” And a hospital caretaker said that he could hear women and children, “screaming for help inside the hospital while it was set ablaze by the bombing.”

Doctors Without Borders won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. President Obama was awarded his in 2009. As Commander-in-Chief of the military that bombed the Doctors Without Borders hospital, this makes Obama perhaps the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb another Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Or maybe not? Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, and he masterminded the secret bombing of Cambodia and Laos for President Nixon around that time. Shortly thereafter, it came to light that in that campaign, hospitals were routinely targeted for bombing. As The Nation recently reported:

“A letter from former Army captain Rowan Malphurs said that in 1969 and 1970, he analyzed aerial photographs where B-52 bombs (the ones ordered by Kissinger) fell on Cambodia: “I saw on several occasions where possible hospitals had been bombed…. On another occasion I observed a red cross on a building that was partially destroyed by bombs.”

By then, the Red Cross had already been awarded its three Nobel Peace Prizes.

Sorry, Obama, it looks like that’s one “historic first” you can’t claim. That old fox beat you to it.

If it makes you feel any better, Kissinger seems to think your mass-murder record actually beats his. (I know this will warm your heart, since you once bragged, “Turns out I’m really good at killing people.”) When confronted about bombing Cambodia on a recent book tour, Kissinger said in his own defense:

“I think we would find, if you study the conduct of guerrilla-type wars, that the Obama administration has hit more targets on a broader scale than the Nixon administration ever did. (…)

And I bet if one did an honest account, there were fewer civilian casualties in Cambodia than there have been from American drone attacks.”

Whether that dubious claim is true or not, it’s the thought that counts. Consider it a compliment: a gold star from teacher. Or even an elder statesman’s passing of the torch: from one peace-prize winning war criminal to another.

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Author: Dan Sanchez

Dan Sanchez began contributing to Anti-Media as an independent journalist in August of 2015. His topics of interest include anti-imperialism, economic education, libertarian philosophy, peaceful parenting, and police accountability. He currently resides in Auburn, Alabama. You can find his work on 

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  1. A red cross painted on a building does not make it a Red Cross building, any more than a red cross painted on a medic's helmet in WW2 made him a Red Cross employee.

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  2. Again, another bullshit lying meme. Henry Kissinger bombed Gen. Lee Duc Tho and both won the Nobel, though Tho rejected it. Come on, its not brain surgery. If you're going to say something on a meme just check to make sure its correct.

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  3. Yeah but your president bombed a hospital with kids in it. Everything else is by the by

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  4. I think if "it's not brain surgery" has officialy died as a saying with Ben Carson.

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  5. Richard, he's not our predident, he's a front for an illegal society dedicated to
    subjectating the masses to achieve their ends. It will stop here soon as this group has tevealed its true nature and will be killed one-by-one–obama first.

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  11. Robert Regner Sr careful dude if someone reports your comment you could literally be arrested and go to prison.

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  12. no, you $cum. what makes it a war crime is that gps coordinates were shared by the d.w.b. so the evil empire thinks d.w.b is in cahoots with the so-called 'terrorists?'

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  14. I am pretty sure, without checking, that the Nobel Prize winners in 1994 have bombed each other. Sadly, not the only case where winners exchanged fire. Kissinger and Tho were the original pioneers.

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  15. Do you guys seriously don't know we're being controlled by the reptile people? Open your eyes ffs, it's so obvious.

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  16. after an hour of bombardment it probs matters little about the remaining artwork? next time cut the phone cord before turning on the laser pointer? who is against TPP now? ….thought so!

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