The LAPD Police Commission Is a Joke and Chief Beck Is a F*cking Coward!

#LAPD Police commission is a mockery of civic participation and LAPD Chief Beck Is a Fucking Coward!

Op-Ed by PM Beers
May 13, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Whenever the LAPD murders another person the press gathers at the police commission meeting to see what Chief Beck, the other officials on the commission and the general public have to say. Members of the public take time out from their busy day and come to exercise their right of free speech for two minutes to express their concerns about the actions of the second largest street gang in the United States, the Los Angeles Police department. Some people travel up to two hours by bus to make it from the west end of town. For me there are far fewer pleasures than telling off Chief Beck to his face.

Chief Charlie Beck had this to say about the recent LAPD murder of Brendon Glenn: NOTHING

This is unusual. During the police commission meetings, Beck and Soboroff usually take time to give the media spin on their officer’s murderous actions. That didn’t happen at this meeting. At his meeting Chief beck and his cronies pretended that nothing even happened at Venice Beach.

The Los Angeles Police Commission is a joke. I’m not sure what their role is. Clearly it is not to hold the police accountable. Maybe their role is to give the public a place to vent — to let out their frustration on how impotent the police commission is. After this morning I’m wondering if the role of the police commission is to remind us that there is a hierarchy in this world, we are not created equal, and the police commission feel that they are at a more important level than we are. This is how the public was treated by the commission — especially by commission president, Steve Soboroff. When he wasn’t completely ignoring people during public comments, he was rudely interrupting them. He was behaving as if his time were more valuable than the time of the lowly public who he has been forced to tolerate. If I were his mother I’d be ashamed.

During public comments one mother had given an impassioned speech about how her adult special needs son was unjustly treated by the police. As she finished, tears were rolling down my cheek as I could feel her pain as a mother. At a time where a second of silence would have been appropriate, Mr Soboroff interjected not even a second after she stopped speaking to ask a question about an unrelated topic which was relevant only to himself. I’m convinced today that he has no soul. He’s a callous uncaring machine who has more regard for his own whims than for a mother pleading in fear that his LAPD will take the life of her dear son.

I was there at the meeting to get video of comments by Chief Beck And Steve Soberoff about the murder of Brendon Glenn at Venice Beach by the LAPD. I was shocked by their silence. When the open session of the meeting was over, Chief Beck hesitated until his bodyguards were ready before he quickly left the room. When he walked very close to me I looked him in the eye and and asked, “You weren’t going to say anything? You were gonna pretend nothing happened?” As he was leaving the room I couldn’t help but shout, “You’re a fucking coward, Chief Beck!”

The following are videos of Los Angles community members who are frustrated with the impotent incompetency of the LAPD Police Commission:

#LAPD Police commission is a mockery of civic participation

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